Using Website Optimizer to Boost Profits

Here’s a conversation between me and Garrett Todd, Vitruvian‘s Director of Website Optimization, as we prepare the outline for the Website Optimizer chapter of Google AdWords For Dummies 3rd edition. Listen online or click the download link to save the interview to your computer or iPod.

Download the interview in MP3 format.

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  1. #1 • Terry Britton said on August 13 2011:

    Although the A/B test tool is the first one you see, and would SEEM to be the easier one to use and to teach, this Vimeo video by Ryan Carson at Carsonified explains how using that tool causes problems on dynamically produced sites (like any WordPress site, for instance) in that it forces you to create a second copy of the “page” the test redirects to, which in this case amounts to creating a second post with a different URL, and that can cause all kinds of problems with your SEO, bookmarking, etc.

    Better (and just as easy, if not much easier in the long run) is to use the second option, the Multivariate test, as he shows in the video in conjunction with a free WordPress plugin — even if only testing one A/B variation (or for that matter, in the case with any dynamically driven site, be it Joomla, Drupal, or ExpressionEngine). In that WordPress and similar types of sites are taking over in a big way due to the ease in creating them and their many powerful features, I would definitely include a section on Multivariate testing in the new edition of the book. The old A/B tool is only useful for static HTML pages, and due to bookmarking problems, perhaps was never an ideal solution (…though you COULD fix that in .htaccess after the tests were done… but what a pain that would be!)


  2. #2 • Howie Jacobson said on August 18 2011:

    Thanks, Terry. I’ll definitely explore the MV test for client sites, and then write about it when I have some first hand experience.