How to Get the Right Things Done

Do you have too much time and not enough to do?

If so, you can stop reading this post right now. I don’t wanna hear about it ;)

If, on the other hand, you’re as overwhelmed as the rest of us, you’ve got to listen to this.

Peter BregmanMy good friend, former boss, and current cahoots-er Peter Bregman has just written a fantastic book about how to get things done.

And if you’re wondering, it’s not like the other time management / productivity books out there. This is a system that doesn’t require you to adopt an entirely new set of habits, buy fancy software or filing equipment, or spend all day managing your time. Peter’s book is called 18 Minutes because that’s your entire time investment per day – 18 minutes that can buy back at least three hours of productivity each day (at least in my experience).

18 Minutes coverPeter didn’t write the book as a professional time management guru. Instead, he was frustrated by his own tendencies to get distracted, to focus on the minutiae, and to let day after day get away from him. He started exploring, experimenting, and keeping track of results. The end result was a system that worked so well for him that he began sharing it with his friends and colleagues and clients, who began sharing it with their friends, colleagues and clients. The book is just the outcome of this viral spiral of common sense and uncommon wisdom.

Listen as Peter and I chat about how he came to write 18 Minutes, what he sees as the shortcomings of most other time management systems, and how to implement 18 Minutes in your own life. You can click the Play button below to listen online or click here to download the mp3 for later.

Join Peter’s email list to get access to the 6 Boxes tool and the 18 Minutes Daily template that we talked about in the interview. Just look for the “Stay in the Know” section below Peter’s headshot.

What do you think? Brilliant? Crazy? Eh? I love feedback of all kinds. Join the conversation – please share your thoughts in the Comments box below.

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  1. #1 • Lynnea | QuickBooks Bookkeeping said on August 27 2011:

    Peter Bregman’s ‘6 Boxes and 18 Minutes’ is a brilliant and simple time optimization strategy that can return AT LEAST 3-hours daily. Time management and tracking is crucial to professional services like design, law, accounting or bookkeeping, etc., and Bregman’s strategy can really-really add to the bottom line finances in those professions. Great catch, thanks Howie!

  2. #2 • Howie Jacobson said on August 27 2011:

    Thanks for the feedback and appreciation, Lynnea. I’ll let Peter know…

    And Peter’s techniques are definitely helping me juggle my writing with client work with all the other opportunities life is presenting. So I second your praise and join the fan club! :)