How Russell Brand and Kate Middleton can help a moving company’s web site

A reader asks:

Hi! Enjoyed the dummies book. The current platform for my [moving company] website is a little difficult to navigate. If I make my blogger page a part of the website, will Google still count this as making daily updates to the website? Or does it look better if daily updates are being made to the home page? Should I try to have the first few sentences from the blog appearing on the home page with some kind of feed?

My reply:

Google doesn’t require frequent changes to your home page. What they want is many pages of informative, relevant, authoritative, and new content on your website.

You can keep your current platform (although I don’t know why you wouldn’t switch to WordPress, which is a breeze to edit once it’s set up properly) and just add a wordpress blog to your site in a subdirectory.

A wise comment that I heard once: If you want to please Google, pretend that Google doesn’t exist and just try to please your visitor.

What information would be most helpful to your visitors? Updates about who your movers are and what they’re up to? Tips about preparing for a move? Guidance about how to choose a moving company? Your musings on current events and pop culture (for example, what could you do with or

If your posts are interesting and informative and you title them to provoke curiosity, then having a blog feed appear on your home page might be a great strategy. But it’s not necessary for Google love.

Hope this helps!

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