The Agony of Pricing

  Download the Interview with Mark Silver of Heart of Business (MP3, 14 MB)

“If I raise my prices, I’ll feel greedy. Or no one will hire me. And what if I’m not that good?”

“If I lower my prices, I’ll feel defeated. I’ll attract the wrong sort of client. But what if that’s the only way to get business?”

Either (or both!) of these feel familiar?

I’ve struggled with pricing for much of my business career. For some reason, money has always been a fraught subject for me. (Not sure why – I grew up comfortably middle class, had some nice stuff, and went to an expensive college.)

And when it comes to pricing, all my issues bubble to a rolling boil.

I’m really good at overthinking stuff like that!

So I was delighted to explore the topic of pricing – and other business issues – from a spiritual perspective with my new friend and teacher, Mark Silver. Mark runs a training company called “Heart of Business,” and he’s a master at putting the nuts and bolts of business into a truly inspiring context.

We talked for an hour last month. And today I got around to editing and uploading the audio.

If you’re squeamish about concepts like “heart” and “The Divine,” this interview might be a bit of a challenge. Even so, I urge to you keep an open mind and give a listen.

Here’s that download link again.

If you want more from Mark, visit

Turned on or turned off? Inspired or confused? Got a different philosophy? Let me know what you think in the comments box below.

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  1. #1 • Mike Moore said on February 23 2012:

    I just listened to the interview with Mark and thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks.
    The broader topic imbedded in the interview is basically “ethics in business” which, in my darker moments, I believe is an oxymoron. In my lighter moments, I have this underlying hope that all this “interweb” stuff is actually driving the world kicking and screaming toward higher ethical standards in the business world. Transparency is being forced upon businesses whether they like it or not.

  2. #2 • Howie Jacobson said on February 23 2012:

    I’m with you, Mike. Here’s hoping…

  3. #3 • Alex Baisley said on February 23 2012:

    2 of my favourite people! So cool!! Listening now.