Alex Baisley’s Real Imaginary Friend (and Client Avatar)

Most of the time the work we do ripples out into the universe and we remain ignorant of its impact. We can’t see the ways our contributions empower others to improve their lives.

When I receive heartfelt appreciation from someone whose life I’ve enriched, it’s a gift at least equal to whatever service I’ve rendered them.

So when I was chatting the other day with my dear friend Alex Baisley of and he mentioned how a particular free webinar I held in 2010 changed everything for him, I was overwhelmed with joy.

After the initial euphoria wore off, I remembered that in addition to joy, I require physical sustenance. Meaning, I need to earn dough as well as kudos.

So I asked Alex if I could record a conversation in which he shared the impact of the Avatar work that I do around the Hero’s Journey and the Arc of Longing.

While this is strictly speaking a testimonial about Virtual Camp Checkmate and what it might do for your business, I think there’s more here.

I might be so bold as to claim our discussion drills down to the very core of ethical, empowered, connected marketing. And while I would love it if you listened and then registered for the upcoming run of Virtual Camp Checkmate that starts 6 November, 2012, I’m also quite happy if you just listen and rediscover your own passion for your prospects and customers.

Download the recording here.

Or listen online:

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