Checkmate Webinar: Marketing Life Coaching

My friend Alex Baisley hosted this 4-days-before-Virtual-Camp-Checkmate-starts Checkmate demonstration webinar.

On the hotseat is Lori, who is starting a business that helps people get unstuck in their lives.

In this webinar she created an Avatar, Athena, a 32-year-old secretary in a dead-end job. We explored Athena’s suffering, desires, and fears. Lori’s remarkable willingness to dive into the process yielded a rich trove of insight and intuition about how to market to and serve her prospects.

It’s past the early bird discount, but because Alex and I couldn’t schedule this webinar earlier, the folks who attended the webinar live got a link to the discount registration.

If you take the time to experience the entire webinar, you’ll also get the link. If not, there’s a full-price link below the video.

It’s not too late to sign up for Virtual Camp Checkmate. Click here to learn more and sign up.

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