Take a Backward Step

18 minutes’ worth of deep thoughts while running. You can listen streaming, or download the mp3.

Right-click to download the mp3: http://howieconnect.audioacrobat.com/download/backward-step-2013-01-30.mp3

Have you ever spent a huge amount of time and energy trying to accomplish something, with no success?

I have.

And what do I generally do when that happens?

I keep doing the same damn things that haven’t worked so far.

But I try harder. And longer. And stronger. Or a variation of the same thing.

Pure insanity.

When I do that, it’s because I literally don’t have another idea in my head. All I can think of is the goal, over there, and me over here, and so I keep walking directly toward the goal.

Regardless of the brick wall that’s standing in my way.

When I’m more aware and relaxed, I don’t fall into that trap.

Instead, I take a deep breath, and then take a backward step.

A step inward, to give myself time and space to reconsider the problem.

To discover the root causes of my stuckness, rather than trying to power through them.

Camp Checkmate is a Series of Backward Steps

That doesn’t sound like a promising description.

But I was out running the other morning, and it suddenly hit me that the power of Camp Checkmate is precisely that we don’t simply ram our message harder and harder into the marketplace.

We take backward steps which give us the space to create new, original options that we wouldn’t have seen before.

Many of my students have stopped slamming into that brick wall, and instead walk, jog, run, skip, and waltz right past it.

Yes, they have to take a step back in order to see the boundaries of that wall.

But it sure beats a relentless, frantic, stress-inducing march into the wall time and time again.

For some reason, I pulled out my iPhone during that run and narrated my relevation about Camp Checkmate and the backward step.

While running.

So if you can stand the labored breathing, the footfalls, and the traffic sounds, you might find this perspective useful.

Even if you don’t sign up for Camp Checkmate Home Study, the idea of a backward step can be very empowering (and a huge relief).

But why not sign up and get the full benefit? ;)

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