How to Heal the Disconnect Between Soul and Business

I’ve crafted the Camp Checkmate Home Study Course to guide you to a more soul-ful business, in addition to growing your revenue (for most businesses, the two goals are actually the same).

The price goes up on March 1 – a gentle way of helping you commit, here and now, to growing your business by coming into your full and unique power.

Learn more here…

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  1. #1 • Stephen S. said on February 20 2013:

    Dear Howie,
    Business as deep healing. When I heard that phrase I had to stop. So much of what you just said expresses very well my experience for the past 32 years. (I’m 37) I’ve been labeled ADD and rebellious and lazy and foolish by various institutions and individuals. After expressing my frustration with yet another job situation that was turning me into another “dead man walking” to my dad he said something that snapped things into focus for me. “You’ll probably never be happy until you’re working for yourself Stephen”. This coming from a man who worked for other men his whole life was a surprise but I knew it instantly that it was the truth I had never dared to dream. Since that time I have had an energy and a focus, a sense of being much more alive. After years of making 20k-26k a year this self employment thing is actually beginning to work financially speaking. But it has always worked for my soul and my family. They have gotten a husband and father who is much more alive and present than if I had just been working for money. Just working out of some sense of duty to the ideal of “providing for one’s family”. Business as deep healing. You said in your video how business provides that opportunity. I did not know who I was. I learned so well to become whatever I thought my bosses wanted me to be. I learned how to cover my ass like a professional. I learned how to get up and go to a job I hated. I learned how to ignore the feeling of my soul was drowning for lack of use. Its hard for me to explain how “working for myself” has healed my soul. So many areas! I can dream, experiment, think freely, fail without failure, test and rejoice in success fully. One of the biggest things is knowing what it means to look another man in the eye and not flinch. I feel like part of my manhood has been restored to me through standing on my own efforts and skill and prayers. In the past I worked along side men who would complain every day without fail about the boss and their jobs and their pay…. and do nothing to change it. I wish, if just for a season every man (or woman) could spend a few years just living off of their own efforts, to bring the best their soul has to offer to the city or community around them. They may not “succeed” in worldly terms but they might just find healing for their souls.

  2. #2 • Howie Jacobson said on February 20 2013:

    Stephen, thanks for sharing that beautiful and inspiring story.

    So often we judge success or failure by the numbers. I love that you include your energy and its impact on your family in your personal bottom line.

    And I’m delighted that the money is starting to flow.

  3. #3 • Nick Kinsella said on February 20 2013:

    Thanks for making this Video Howie. I know you mentioned this in our consultation bit this really hammers the point home.

  4. #4 • Howie Jacobson said on February 20 2013:

    That’s one of the reasons I do consulting – the conversations and issues help me see things in a clearer and clearer way, and allow me to take the same journey toward integration. So thanks!

  5. #5 • DrGeorge said on February 20 2013:

    Thanks, Howie, for this excellent video.

    Here’s a few of the notes I jotted down:

    “A business that is not an outgrowth of your uniqueness is, by defintion, some form of a commodity.”

    “Marketing tells us to forget about our own soul and find out what other people want.”

    “(However,) if you want to be an effective marketer, you have to recognize – and take back – what is yours.”

    “Instead of us being subservient to the market… we get to do creative, loving writing.”

    Thanks again.

  6. #6 • Howie Jacobson said on February 22 2013:

    Thank you, Dr George, for the jots!

  7. #7 • Jackie said on July 25 2013:

    I just opened your message and watched the video. I wondered why you recorded it in February and just released it today. Then I realized I opened a message you sent in February!

    I’ve been meditating for about a month. Only 10 minutes at a time but each day the 10 minutes get shorter. At the end of the meditation I recite: “show me my next step for manifesting my destined work.”

    It seems to me that opening your message today was no accident. Perhaps the next step is for me to align my soul and my business. For many years I’ve felt as though I was born a right brain creative soul who was pushed, guided, molded into left brain logical jobs. So yes, I need to reclaim parts of myself.

    Funny, I made a video for my new website (yes, it’s coming!) and when I asked a friend to review it she told me she didn’t like it. She said it would be better if I had a professional read a script. I was “too Brooklyn.” Ha! I’m from Brooklyn! When I explained that the goal of the video was to show my true personality she said “oh…then you accomplished that.” So, I guess I succeeded!

    I’m hoping that as I am able to own all the pieces of myself and release the energy that binds me I will align my soul and business so I can give and receive the riches the world has to offer.

    Thanks for this inspiring message!