The Power of Gratitude

Today I spoke with my longtime friend, Rabbi Debra Orenstein, about a topic that she cares deeply about: gratitude.

Right-click to download the conversation in MP3 format.

In the 54-minute conversation, Debra shared her powerful and compassionate insights about gratitude, life, productivity, peace and joy:

  • Why our obsession with productivity actually gets in the way of gratitude and, ironically, true productivity.
  • The number one enemy of happiness: our habit of comparison.
  • The link between feeling deprived and feeling entitled.
  • How to lick the habit of complaining.
  • The two words that help when we’re on a rant.
  • How we can play mental and linguistic tricks on ourselves to put ourselves in a good mood.
  • The incredible long-lasting power of a “gratitude letter” – and how to write and deliver one.
  • How to harness the power of curiosity to overcome ingratitude.
  • Why abundance can make us ungrateful.
  • How marketing that harnesses the power of gratitude leads to longer-lasting customer engagement.
  • The 80/20 gratitude secret of frozen yogurt punch-cards.
  • A definition of idolatry – and it surprised the hell out of me!

I left this conversation feeling so uplifted! My hope and intention is that Rabbi Debra’s words will have the same effect on you.

Right-click to download the conversation in MP3 format.

For more from Rabbi Debra:

The books she mentioned:

Thanks: The New Science of Gratitude

Titles by Zelig Pliskin

Rabbi Debra Orenstein’s books

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