Desire, desperation, and the curse of conventional wisdom (and a huge bribe ;)

I began my marketing career in 1999, and I knew nothing. I got the job thanks to my friend Peter Bregman, who hired me to become his company’s first marketing director because I could write.

Up to that point I had been a professional student and teacher, never making more than $29k a year. Peter’s generous offer and promise of advancement as his fledgling company grew made me very eager to get as good at marketing as I could, as quickly as possible.

So I did what all good students do: I went shopping for books.

I started with standard marketing textbooks and bestsellers: Kotler on Marketing, a book called “The End of Marketing as We Know It” by Sergio Zyman (of Coca-Cola), “Experiential Marketing” by Bernd Schmitt, and so on.

As I tried to implement their advice on behalf of a scrappy startup that was trying to change all the rules of the organization development business (our tag line was “Change Rules!”), I began to see that convention marketing wisdom was useless.

Worse than useless, in fact.

Following the mainstream playbook was a recipe for utter failure.

But I didn’t know where else to look. Or even if there was somewhere else to look. And based on results, I wasn’t earning my salary.

Stumbling upon good advice

By chance, I met a guy who introduced me to the work of Dan Kennedy. He lent me Dan’s Magnetic Marketing course, a giant sloppy 3-ring binder and 5 cassette tapes for the staggering price of $247.

I would never have paid that much money for the course, but once I started listening, I was hooked.

Here was someone who, despite the fact that I disagreed completely with his political and philosophical views, finally made sense about marketing.

I bought my own copy of Magnetic Marketing, and became a subscriber to Dan’s newsletter.

Through him I met Ken McCarthy, who taught me about using the Internet as a direct marketing medium before I could get corrupted by the dotcom bubble mentality of Silicon Alley.

Through Ken, I met Perry Marshall, who opened my eyes to AdWords and the wonders of digital split testing and psychographic segmentation.

I’ve read tens of thousands of pages about AdWords since 2002, and I’ve gotta tell you, the insights I gained from Perry’s first version of The Definite Guide to AdWords (which was about 23 pages long, as I recall) still guide me to this day.

And you know what? Unless you follow Perry, or me, or any of a dozen or so other “renegade” teachers, you’ll be building campaigns based on Google’s default settings, and you’ll be failing miserably.

I was open to this whole rich vein of “renegade” marketing because I was desperate. I would never have looked at Magnetic Marketing had I been chugging along doing mediocre work.

I was only open to this radical (and radically effective) approach because I had a strong desire to succeed, and was desperate at my lack of success.

Which brings me to the point of today’s email

I’ve just co-written a book about health, diet, medicine, and lies.

It’s as anti-conventional and renegade as anything I’ve ever seen on the topic.

Because mainstream health and diet advice is, if anything, 100 times worse than mainstream marketing advice.

The main author of the book is the famously controversial scientist Dr. T. Colin Campbell. He wrote The China Study back in 2004, and has been challenging the medical establishment and the food industry since the early 1970s.

Why am I telling you this in a marketing e-newsletter?

For two reasons:

1. I want this book to become a #1 Bestseller. I want it to change (and save) as many lives as possible. I want to share the truth – utterly suppressed by the mainstream media, by government, and by the medical establishment – that roughly 95% of all Western diseases are preventable through a proper diet.

2. You come to me for marketing advice: copywriting, strategy, metrics, etc. But the truth is, you implement only to the extent that you have energy and clarity. When you’re tired, sick, sluggish, foggy, then you won’t be able to implement anything effectively. So as far as I’m concerned, your health and wellbeing (and that of your family) is one of the keys to running and promoting a successful business.

The book was released today, May 7, 2013. I’d like it to hit #1 on amazon (it’s currently #34, so this is very do-able) so the mainstream media will not be able to ignore it (so far they’ve done a fabulous job).

The Big Bribe

And so I’m going to bribe you like I’ve never bribed before :)

The book is called Whole: Rethinking the Science of Nutrition.


If you buy a minimum of three copies today (one to keep and two to give to people you care about), I will give you free and immediate digital access to my $999 Traffic Surge course.

You’ll get the PDF manuals, a couple of recording implementation webinars, homework assignments, and 38 short video tutorials showing you exactly how to use AdWords strategically to grow your business. I taught the course last in 2010, so some of the screen shots are dated, but the strategies are evergreen.

Three copies of the hardcover edition of Whole will set you back $51.06. And it will make a fabulous Mother’s Day gift :)

Here’s what you do

1. Go to amazon and purchase three or more copies of Whole from this link:

2. Go to this page and register for Traffic Surge:

Yes, it’s on the honor system. You don’t need to email me a receipt or anything like that. I trust you.

And please pass this email on to anyone you think could benefit, either from Whole or Traffic Surge.

Many thanks in advance
Howie (Howard) Jacobson

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