Howie Jacobson, PhD, has been an internet marketing strategist since 1999. He specializes in helping clients use Google AdWords to grow their businesses. Due to the fact that he was forced to study statistical methods in graduate school, Jacobson took to direct marketing as soon as he tripped over it in 2001.

In addition to writing, training, and coaching, Jacobson is co-founder of the marketing agency, in case you just want someone to Do It For You.

He is the creator of Leads into Gold, a home study course that teaches small business owners how to become their own direct marketing agencies. He is also co-creator of The System Seminar’s home study course, “Internet Marketing for Smart Beginners,” along with System founder Ken McCarthy and Cindy Kappler.

Jacobson has presented at several System Seminar events, at Perry Marshall’s AdWords Seminar, and at workshops and seminars around the world. He leads seminars and workshops on beginner and advanced AdWords topics, and provides coaching and support for individuals and groups.

Luckily for you, Jacobson began his career as a schoolteacher. He learned through trial by fire how to be engaging, clear, and entertaining while providing value and motivating results. He is also a business coach and trainer, skilled in turning learning into action for his own clients, as well as in association with Bregman Partners, Inc. and The Avoca Group.

Jacobson combines his marketing expertise with his background in and passion for health and fitness at, a resource for parents struggling to raise fit and healthy kids in a crazy-busy world, and, a nascent blog dedicated to joyful, sustainable living.

He lives in Durham, North Carolina with his wife, two kids, 30 chickens, and lots of young fruit trees. His lifelong ambition is to bring about world peace through marketing, and after that’s accomplished, to play Ultimate Frisbee in the 2044 Olympics in Maui.

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