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Are you wasting money each month on underperforming AdWords campaigns?

  • Are you sending lots of expensive traffic to a web site that just can’t make sales?
  • Are your click prices rising and eroding your margins?
  • Are you doing OK – but want to 10x your profits in the next 6 months?
  • Are you drowning in AdWords data – and wondering how to use that data to leapfrog the competition?
  • Do you hate the new interface – because you haven’t discovered the incredibly powerful inline reports that can cut your spending by 30% within minutes?

If you’re nodding your head in self-recognition at any of this, come join me for a free web clinic designed just for you. It’s called AdWords Ball.

“What Will I Get From AdWords Ball?”

While the web clinic is free, I know your time isn’t. So here are a few things you’ll discover:

How to split test ads the right way – to quickly increase profits instead of the size of your Google bill

How to “find and fire” lousy keywords and profit-draining sites on the Content Network

How to diagnose problems with your landing page – with pinpoint accuracy

Web Clinic Details:

Wednesday, September 2, 2009 at 1-2 pm EDT (10-11 am PDT)

Where: Your web browser and/or phone; in the comfort of your own home, office, car, or dentist’s chair

How to Register

Register for this web clinic for free, simply by providing your first name and email address in the form below and clicking the “Let me register for the AdWords Ball Free web clinic” button.

Once you register (on the GotoMeeting redirect page) you’ll receive a confirmation email with all of the details including date, time, phone number, access link, access codes, etc. You’ll also receive a reminder email or two.

My conference line has limited capacity, and this clinic will be first-come, first-serve, so don’t hesitate if you’re interested.

If you can’t make the call, register anyway for a copy of the video and mp3.

Are you ready for the signup form? Here it is…

Howie Who?

Howie Jacobson, PhD is the author of AdWords For Dummies and Google AdWords For Dummies 2nd Edition, published by Wiley and available wherever fine books, cheesy calendars, and overpriced brownies are sold.

Howie has been teaching students and advising clients on profiting from AdWords since 2003, which is like 28 years in the real world.

He has taught internet marketing and sales strategy at the Glazer-Kennedy Peak Performers Meeting, Ken McCarthy’s System Seminar, Perry Marshall’s AdWords Seminar, Early To Rise Conferences, Vital Learning’s annual conference, and to private clients in North America, Europe and Africa.

He is the creator of Leads into Gold, a home-study course on direct marketing and lead generation, and is a co-creator of The System Seminar’s Smart Beginners Course.

He is the creator of the Look Over My Shoulder (LOMS) AdWords Success Video Series, the AdWords Checkmate Method, and spiritual parent of the Magic AdWords Button, Winner Alert, The AdTool at Lower Your Bid Price, and the Keyword Variant Generator.

Howie also runs, a web resource for parents trying to raise fit and healthy kids in a crazy-busy world. When he has a minute.

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