AdWords Genie Thanks

Thank you!

Thank you for ordering the 60-Day AdWords Genie.

A few things still need to happen.

  1. In order to add your AdWords account to my Client Center, I need your AdWords Customer ID. Your Customer ID is displayed in the upper right corner of your AdWords account window. Please send your customer ID to genie AT  (After we add your account to my Client Center, you will then need to confirm that access.)
  2. Please complete this intake form to provide some information about your business and your goals.
  3. If you are running Google Analytics, please add hjmcc AT theppcagency DOT com to your list of users (under User Manager) and then add the Analytics account associated with your AdWords account to my user profile. (Here's a PDF tutorial that shows you how.)

You should also receive an email message shortly with this same information.

I look forward to being your AdWords Genie.


Howie Jacobson, PhD Author, AdWords For Dummies

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