If you are like 99% of AdWords advertisers, you’re throwing away roughly half of your ad budget on keywords, ads and placements that just aren’t paying for themselves.

Wouldn’t you love to keep that money in your pocket, instead of forking it over to Google every single month?

If you rely on AdWords for leads and sales and you aren’t playing AdWords Ball (take the “Are You Giving Google a Monthly Handout” quiz below to find out), I GUARANTEE THAT YOU ARE WASTING HUGE SUMS OF MONEY.

Ooh, that’s a lot of capitalization for such a mild-mannered one as me. But I needed to get your attention wrapped around this fact.

Here’s why: advertising may be one of your biggest monthly line items. It’s tempting to cut. And it can be cut. And it should be cut. But with a scalpel, not a hatchet.

How do you cut your AdWords spend with a scalpel?

You can’t – unless you know, to the penny, which keywords are making you money and which are just draining your bank account.

Unless you know which ads work best – not at attracting clicks, but sales.

Unless you can identify and fix problem pages on your site.

Unless you can rigorously and scientifically test every element of your sales process.

Unless you discover how to do all this in minutes, not hours, a day.

Are You Giving Google a Monthly Handout?

Take this quick quiz to see whether you’re wasting money on ineffective AdWords campaigns:

  1. What is the average value of a visitor to your website?
  2. What are your 10 most profitable keywords?
  3. Which ads are most profitable?
  4. If you are using the content network, which sites deliver the most valuable traffic? (Do you even know which sites are displaying your ads?)
  5. How much time, on average, do visitors spend on each of your landing pages?
  6. Which is more profitable: going for the sale on the first visit, or trying to capture contact information for followup marketing?
  7. What price point delivers the highest profit for each of your products?
  8. What browser size are the majority of your visitors viewing? (And are you making sure that the most important content of your web pages fit inside that area?)
  9. What ad position is most profitable for each of your biggest keywords?
  10. At what place on your landing page do most visitors stop paying attention?

If you can answer questions 1, 2, 4, 6 and 8 off the top of your head, and can find the answers to the other questions in a matter of minutes, then congratulations! You’re an AdWords pro!

If you can’t, then you’re wasting at least 50% of your AdWords budget every single day. At least.



“I’ve quadrupled my return on my investment”

John Withers
B2B Scribe.com


Introducing “AdWords Ball: The Easy Way to Breakthrough Online Profits”

Starting October 7, 2009, I will be running a unique training class called AdWords Ball. The name is inspired by my favorite business book, Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game.

Book review in a nutshell:

Conventional baseball wisdom holds that poor teams can only afford marginal players, so they just can’t compete with the rich teams.

In Moneyball, Michael Lewis profiles Billy Beane, a general manager for the Oakland Athletics’ baseball team, which in 2002 won the most games in Major League Baseball – with the smallest payroll!

He did it by being an egghead about statistics, rather than just going with his gut or following conventional wisdom.

He was able, for example, to predict which minor league players would succeed in the Major Leagues by using a couple of key statistics that no one else realized were significant.

He won games by fiercely playing the percentages: where to position the outfielders; when to bunt; when to replace the starting pitcher with a relief pitcher; and a thousand other situations. By having data at his fingertips and understanding how to interpret and act on it, he created an unfair advantage in every encounter.

The result: the Oakland Athletics won 103 games, the same number as the New York Yankees. The Yankees paid $126 million in payroll, while the Athletics paid $40 million.

One of the most important sentences in the book applies directly to you and me:

“In professional baseball it still matters less how much money you have than how well you spend it.”

AdWords is also an unfair game. Some advertisers have brand names, deep pocketbooks, and lots of staff. Others are scrappy startups with just enough cash for payroll – sometimes – and one or two key people who do everything from CEO to printer maintenance.

And like baseball, what determines AdWords success is not the amount of money you have, but how well you spend it. That’s why I created AdWords Ball: The Easy Way to Breakthrough Online Profits.

What is AdWords Ball?

AdWords Ball is where I give you everything I know about how to improve your AdWords campaigns and website through measuring and testing.

It consists of seven 90-minute teleclasses, and a comprehensive support structure to ensure that you not only attend, but you learn. That you not only learn, but implement. That you not only implement, but discover how to generate your own next steps based on the results of your own testing and tracking.

In other words, AdWords Ball gives you the skills and tools to learn how to learn from your own traffic. So you don’t need to rely on experts (even me) or hunches or faith.

Specifically, we’ll cover:

  • Setting up conversion tracking (without ROI data, you’re paddling a raft blindfolded in a maelstrom)
  • Reading and acting on the most important reports
  • Split testing ads for ROI – by creating a metric that Google doesn’t give you
  • Why your ad split tests need at least 5 ads – to neutralize the Google “old friend” artifact that can mislead you into keeping an inferior ad
  • Using CTR to determine ad group keyword groupings
  • Split testing landing pages using Website Optimizer
  • Discovering and fixing the “sales prevention features” of your website using Analytics
  • Other free and cheap analysis and testing tools
  • The three tasks of your landing page – and the right order to put them in
  • The AdWords “order of operations” – where to focus when you start a campaign, and when to change that focus
  • The two powers of the Search Query Report – positive and negative
  • Using the Pareto Principle and the TWAFA process to manage your AdWords Ball in minutes a day

Why do I call AdWords Ball the “Easy Way” to Breakthrough Online Profits?

A lot of things in business are hard: Developing the right business model. Getting those first few sales. Crafting a Unique Selling Proposition and establishing killer positioning. Developing a brand. Turning customers into referral sources.

But one thing is easy: Getting rid of stuff that isn’t working.

If you can see that it isn’t working.

AdWords Ball gives you the tools and the vision to plug all the profit leaks in your AdWords campaigns and your website. Not glamorous, not sexy, but wickedly effective.

Two Case Studies

Let me tell you two stories of what happened after two businesses started playing AdWords Ball. The first is a client case study, and the second is a story of what happened after a single half-hour pro bono consultation with me.

The Client Story:

With a client who sells a consumer product online, I installed ROI tracking on their site and hooked it up to AdWords on February 7, 2008. I started split testing ads at that point. After 3 weeks, I paused negative ROI keywords and placements, and deleted the inferior ads.


The client’s AdWords spend dropped significantly, but their total sales remained the same. Before, they spent $35 to make $100. After, they spent only $20. In their case, that amounts to a monthly savings of almost $14,000.

This image shows the difference in AdWords statistics from before (January 2008) and after (March 2008). Notice the big difference: decreased spend for the same number of conversions.

The Single Consultation: “The Adword campaigns EXPLODED into action”

Hi Howie,

Shane Keller here, from GCFLearnFree.org.  You gave me a free consultation a few months back.  I hope all is going well with you, your business(es) and family.

Things are going GREAT here at work with everything Adwords related.

So after I met with you I came back and we adjusted our campaign setting to target a worldwide market instead of just the US.

The Adword campaigns EXPLODED into action.

We started maxing out our budget by noon every day.

Now, finally I could start to see how each test and adjustment affected the results.

I worked the system – outlined in your book – each and every day and saw immediate improvements week after week.

This led to a run of 7 consecutive record breaking weeks of stats for our website, the adoption of Google Analytics to track our conversion rate and we now are gearing up to make major website structure adjustments in order to add and optimize each landing page in order to continue improving our conversion rate.


Week of April 28th – May 4th
Clicks = 3935
Imp = 101,625
CTR = 3.42

Met with you on May 8th

Went worldwide on May 9th

Week of June 16th – June 22nd
Clicks = 7177
Imp = 80,639
CTR = 8.93 (161% increase!)

We added Analytics week of July 7th – July 13th

(**Now it was all about the conversions**)

We now have a conversion rate of 15.42% on our Adwords campaign.

We are averaging around 6,600 new unique signups each week and we’re now heading into what’s typically the busiest period for us.

Here is a screen shot of our website signup growth.

Here’s what it did for our Spanish side of things!

To say the least it’s been an incredible learning process for me and our meeting really helped me see the bigger picture goals as well as confirm that I was trying the right things.  Now the data has backed everything up as well which has given us incredible confidence moving forward.

We now are trying to take everything we are learning from Adwords and utilize it in order for us to increase our organic search positions.

Once again I thank you; we thank you for giving up your time to help us achieve success with Adwords.

Shane Keller

What is the Structure of AdWords Ball?

AdWords Ball is a webinar series, but is much more than that. It includes weekly assignments (customized to your business), feedback, and an active forum for support, guidance and answers to your questions. And because the class is limited to 15 participants, you’ll get individual attention, and I’ll make sure you don’t get lost in the crowd.

Each webinar will consist of three sessions:

1. a short two-part presentation: theory and practice

2. a question and answer period

3. an assignment / next step

The goal of the course is to give you the tools to cut the fat from your AdWords account, and show you how to set up and evaluate tests that will lead to inevitable improvement.

AdWords Ball includes my proprietary tools, such as the Magic AdWords Button and Winner Alert.

Who Is AdWords Ball For?

AdWords Ball is designed for online business owners who use AdWords to drive a significant amount of business.

You’re a good candidate for AdWords Ball if the following is true for you:

You’re spending a least a hundred dollars a month on AdWords

You sell a product or service via ecommerce, or you generate leads online

If your conversion rate doubled over a three month period, the price of this course would seem insignificant

You can answer fewer than 7 questions from the quiz at the top of this page

You (or a colleague or vendor) can make changes to the code of your web site

You are very motivated to take control of your AdWords spend

You’re willing to collaborate with others in a team environment to ensure success for all

What’s the Whole Deal?

You can choose from two versions of the AdWords Ball course: Major League and Hall of Fame.

The AdWords Ball Major League Course ($1995) consists of:

1. 7 75-minute teleclasses

2. Two group coaching sessions in the middle of the program

3. A forum for group interaction and support

Plus the following bonuses:

1. The Magic AdWords Button – reporting made easy ($147 value)

2. Two free months of Winner Alert – automated split testing for ads ($40 value)

AdWords Ball Hall of Fame Course ($2193) consists of:

Everything in the Major League Course plus:

1. 1 30-minute 1-on-1 consultation with me ($375 value)

2. E7: Elizabeth’s Excellent Excel Explanations, Explications and Examples (a video series on using Excel to handle common and advanced AdWords tasks) ($97 value)

3. 2 Conversion Tracking or Analytics Report Analyses by me ($400 value)

The Double Guarantee

I’m very confident about the benefits you’ll get from AdWords Ball – as long as you get on the field and start playing. There’s a beautiful inevitability to the improvements you’ll make when you start paying attention to ROI and results. So here’s what I’m prepared to guarantee:

1. The “Snore and Drool” Guarantee

If you attend the first two classes and don’t like them, for any reason, just let me know and I’ll refund your money without hassle or complaint. Even if you fall asleep on the calls and snore and drool for 90 minutes! (Please mute yourself before doing this ;)

2. The “I Told You So” Guarantee

When I think about taking a course or hiring a coach or a consultant to help me with my business, I always think about the danger of making a mistake. And it usually comes down to the question, “Can I explain this decision to my wife?”

If you take the whole course, do the assignments, and don’t make back or save at least three times what you paid within 6 months, you get your money back. So you don’t have to worry about your life partner or business partner or colleague rubbing your nose in it with an “I told you so.”

Obviously, these guarantees put me on the line. That’s why I reserve the right to talk you out of AdWords Ball and refund your money before the course even starts, based on my judgment about whether this course is right for you.

Very Important: Read This

There are three conditions for your participation in AdWords Ball:

  1. You must have a copy of AdWords For Dummies. And you must have read at least some of it.
  2. You must be able to make changes to your website (or have someone who can do it for you).
  3. You must be willing to participate in calls, do your homework, and be helpful and kind and generous to other participants.

If you have read and agree to all three conditions, then you may sign up below.

AdWords Ball
Major League Hall of Fame
7 75-minute Live Teleclasses
2 group coaching sessions
Forum for group interaction and support
and Howie’s guidance
The Magic AdWords Button
($147 value)
2 free months of Winner Alert
($40 value)
1 30-minute consultation with me ($375 value)
E7: Elizabeth’s Excel For AdWords Video Series ($97 value)
2 Conversion Tracking or Analytics Report Analyses by me ($400 value)
Price US$1995.00 US$2193.00
Payment Options

Single Payment (save $102)




3 Payments

3 Payments of $699

3 Payments of $765

Can you afford to keep throwing money at AdWords without accounting for every penny you spend? Do you want to continue to overpay Google, or would you prefer to keep that money in your own pocket? Is it worth $600 or $700 a month for three months to cut your Google spend by up to 50% and improve your conversions by at least 25%?

Now more than ever, you owe it to yourself to make every advertising penny count. Google doesn’t offer you a money-back guarantee. I do. Two guarantees, in fact.

Make a decision now to play AdWords Ball on the highest levels. Even in a bad economy, you can prosper – if you can get the right people to your website and make the right offer.

Wishing you health, happiness and prosperity,

Howie Jacobson
Author, AdWord For Dummies

P.P.S. Every day I see AdWords accounts that are bleeding money unnecessarily. Google offers powerful tools for measuring and testing, but they don’t tell you how to use them (or even, in some cases, that they exist).

Got questions about AdWords Ball? Email me directly at howie AT askhowie DOT com and ask away. Since I offer a double guarantee, I’ll never try to convince you to take AdWords Ball if I don’t think you’ll benefit tremendously. Why would I set myself up for refunds?

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