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Howie Jacobson taught me more about AdWords and E-Commerce in an hour than I learned from 16 excruciating sessions of Google Tutorials and a stack of books big enough to build a signal fire with. His work is a godsend of common sense in cyberspace chaos.

His knowledge of tools, techniques, and strategies are testament to his mastery of this little understood but lucrative way to start, grow, or revive your business. He is also a man of self-deprecating integrity that is seldom seen in this world of hype and hoopla. I recommend his services without reservation.

— Steve Weakley, Emmy Award Winning Television News Executive Producer KING, KTLA, Fox’s Good Day LA, KUSI, and former Senior Editor Microsoft

I have been getting your eNewsletter now for about 3 months and it has been the only site that I have found that actually explains, in simple language, what AdWords is all about. I have also attended a couple of your teleseminars and you do a good job of keeping the info on a level I can understand. Keep up the good work.

I want to take a minute to say “thank you” for your askHowie newsletter. After reading the excellent AdWords for Dummies I wanted even more help and subscribed to your newsletter. I have not been disappointed with all the helpful and useful information you freely give. And the humour makes it that much more enjoyable.

— Shane McRae, Palmers Island, NSW, Australia

As an avid reader of your newsletter and an Adwords For Dummies owner. I just wanted to thank you for your continuing support. Your newsletter has served as an inspiration to me for along time. Of course your humor is always welcome in my in box also.

I just wanted you to know your tireless efforts in helping the internet marketing community do not go unappreciated.

With each of Howie’s newsletters I learn at least one new thing that I can instantly and effectively apply to my business! So I look forward to his newsletters because I know that there will be at least one nugget of gold! What’s also fun is that there is the personal touch and Howie tells somegreat stories! It’s a fun break when going through the inbox.

I really enjoy your articles. There’s everything from wisdom to humor to tactics in there. As we’re rebuilding the Lazy Environmentalist website, your voice continues to pull farther ahead of the sea of gurus as a voice of exceptional value. Thank you for all that you do, not the least of which is leading by example.

Just wanted to say thanks for your great teleconference session. As someone struggling to get my company onto the web, I know that Google AdWords will be a great asset for me, and your book and teleconference really made a difference in helping me understand how to get started. A week ago, I had no idea how I’d market myself, and today, I’m ready to start bringing customers to my website. Thanks so much!

Great teleseminar today. Very informative and I really like your style.

Howie, all I can say is, ‘Thanks!’ Being ‘scorched’ by you was enormously helpful. I was able to implement some of your landing page suggestions within two days and then see immediate positive results in my PPC campaign. You’re no dummy.

I’m sending this note to let you know how much I appreciate your approach. My first two years in internet marketing have been a characterized by a constant deluge of hype and more hype, with a related constant challenge to sort out the credible and decide what to ignore altogether. Your work consistently provides incredibly valuable and pragmatic information; in many cases at no charge. When you do charge a fee, it’s reasonable and appropriate and I’m confident of a good investment.

Thank you for the “sane spot” you provide to your customers and colleagues – much appreciated!

— Mary Hemminger, Coherence Communications LLC

I feel I got excellent value from AdWords Genie. Howie found a glitch on one of my web pages that I wasn’t aware of, which was surely costing me sales. My time to work on my campaign is limited, so AdWords Genie helped me prioritize the highest impact opportunities. Finally, since I am not yet able to manage my campaign at the conversion level, AdWords Genie showed me ways to couple process metrics like CTR with Google Analytics metrics like time on site and bounce rate as useful interim proxies.

Howie is a great workshop leader. You can tell he has a genuine concern for the success of your business. Howie gives very insightful advice and the way he communicates is clear, concise, direct and compelling. In other words, you walk away knowing what you need to do, why you need to do it, and motivated to do it.

Howie has been THE reason that I have grown so fast professionally and personally over the last two years.

His coaching and guidance (and humor) has been THE critical element that has allowed me to BREAKTHROUGH so many barriers that I didn’t even know I had.

Now I am making more money then I had hoped for, working in an industry that I had only dreamed of being a part of, focusing on future goals that would have made me laugh with skepticism only a few years ago.

— Shane Keller, The PPC Agency

Thanks! I just ordered LOMS–it’s great so far. So much easier… Learning from text makes my little head explode.

— David Shore,

I just wanted to tell you how great I thought the Camp Checkmate was. I have been to so many (too many) of the huge seminars where there is far too little opportunity to mix and mingle. I realize that the economics were probably a little slim, but I think everyone got huge value from the format and the inner-action.

Howie Jacobson is A-1. Learn from him. I don’t give testimonials lightly, and in fact, I politely more often than not when asked. Well, Howie did not ask me for this, but I’ll tell you anyway: Howie Jacobson is a thought leader in internet marketing – an innovative, incredibly smart man with a unique ability to connect and to teach. I define a “leader” as someone who is competent, honest, forward-thinking and inspirational. Howie Jacobson is all those qualities, and in droves. He leads you through complex thinking about marketing to valuable practical advice – and with a gentle and wise sense of humor that makes hard work turn into fun. If he’s a speaker at a conference, he’s thee one you wouldn’t want to miss. If you have the opportunity to spend a day or two with him at his Camp Checkmate, I say it’s worth it several times over. With his insights, you’ll be making more money.

I went to Internet Retailer on Thursday and Camp Checkmate on Friday. The info at Camp Checkmate was way more valuable for improving a bottom line. Camp Checkmate was meant for pros.

I found the Check Mate activities to be very powerful! Analyzing my competitive ads with your matrix was so insightful into all of the missed opportunities! I have been usind Adwords “strategicially” for the last two years, but my achilles heel has been developing new ads for split-testing. Your matrix provides so many different angles to develop new ideas and identify weaknesses from my competition. The group activity was also a fun to get new ideas and also to stretch my “creativity” muscle to help others. I really enjoyed every bit of it and wish you tremendous success!

I just wanted to say again how much I enjoyed and learned from the “Checkmate” 2-Day event. Today I was back at work looking at my campaigns in a totally new light. Over the next few days I will be writing new ads and putting the new system to work. I will keep you posted on the results. I haven’t been this excited about Adwords in a long time.

— Shane Keller, GCF Learn Free

I was hit very early in the downturn and lost all of my clients, as they were all doing ‘No Money Down Real Estate’ business opportunity programs, advertising via Newspaper. I went from 150k per quarter income to a flat out zero income, with no savings.

Working from referrals, I had not marketed myself in over 12 years. “What now?” was an understatement. But… Internet marketing was my only hunch. I was so skeptical, but not about to start cold calling in the downturn for new business.

So I built my first web site, and quickly realized I had no clue what I was doing, much less how to do Ad Words. As a 25 year direct response marketer, for the life of me I could not translate my mass marketing skills to the internet. My sister referred me to Howie’s AdWords for Dummies book. After I read it: I thought, “Man, I wish I could just sit with him in person.” I had joined the newsletter, which informed me of the Ring of Fire. My risk was only $25./30 days to see what he could teach me.

Right away, teach me he did! And so did the rest of the group. I was immediately transported from friend/family non marketer support – to genuine marketing input to help me build a new media buying agency. It has been 6 months… And while continuing my Ring of Fire Participation, I have gone on to join Howie’s Traffic Surge Class, for the second go round. It has been two years since I lost my clients in the downturn, and now I am getting great new clients, and have a real business again, strictly from my internet marketing lessons learned in Howies’ Ring of Fire and Traffic Surge Classes.

I honestly could not have done this without Howie and the group’s help. It is all the promises & more you have ever heard about how to make money in internet marketing… But Howie and his classes truly deliver. I am humbled and grateful to have made it in this downturn with Howie and all the participants help. I see now, I not only am learning internet marketing with a positive feedback support group… But I actually rebuilt all of my services for my business through all the amazing hard questions about ‘what I am doing’ and ‘how am I communicating that to my internet prospect’ the class asked me.

The marketing advice in this course is nothing short of brilliant and humbly honest! There are no egos here, just a sincere look at how we can all be successful in internet marketing. I look forward to participating with everyone who joins, as everyone inevitably becomes each other’s pathway to success. Your learnings are our learnings.

I am earning a living from these teachings! How incredibly cool is that! ;)

The AdWords Checkmate strategy is vital to competing in PPC these days. I wish I’d thought of it.

Howie Jacobson brings more to the AdWords’ discussion than anyone else in the field. The ER report is clear, concise and most helpful. Additionally, Howie’s humor, sprinkled throughout his writing, adds the levity that this topic desperately needs.

Here are the bullet points of my Ring of Fire testimonial:
– Howie is so easy listen to, his light and humorous tone easily keeps my interest
– Other professionals are available to help out in the Hearth forum
– Great actionable and timely Adwords material, like the Checkmate system
– The Ring Ring calls are amazing; getting personal advice and feedback in a live small group call

Thanks to your great advice last year, my Health and Safety Google campaign is going from strength to strength. Currently picking up about 200 orders a week.

The book has become our Google bible, and your tips have enabled me to out-do Google’s own advice. Here’s what I mean:

I was recently approached by Google and offered an account manager and optimisation specialist’s help. I reluctantly allowed them to optimise my campaign… only to discover that my cost per acquisition rose by £4 per order.

It gave me great sense of satisfaction to tell them that my own campaign worked better than their suggestions and ask them to put it back the way it was!!

I’m going to meet them later this month, so hopefully I’ll have lots to report when we meet again in May!

I’m currently researching a new financial product, so will be using your site to refresh my understanding as I set the next campaign up.

Thanks again for all your help!

I almost didn’t engage you as a coach because of the cost and the concern that I wouldn’t get my money’s worth.

But once we started working together, I was impressed that you took the time to get a feel for my strengths, weaknesses and what my goals are before making recommendations.

I appreciate the Individualized approach, the fact that you really know your stuff, and that you keep up on the latest ternds in a rapidly changing environment. You are a honest, competent businessman who cares about doing a good job for your customers.

— John Swanstrom, Build Your Own Theater

For me as a novice of Google’s AdWords world, Mr. Jacobson’s AdWords for Dummies book is like a beam of the lighthouse that helps you to navigate the turbulent waters of online advertising. Full of insights and advices, written in friendly and informal way it is a real tour de force.

Love your book so far & have already increased the revenue from my existing adword campaigns by implementing some of the knowledge I’ve gained.

The LOMS ideos are perfect – this is the way I learn best. I’ve only gone thru 2 so far and am eager to continue.

— Pete Summers, Austin TX

I am one of the first subscribers to IMNewsWatch. I receive multiple updates from their site daily. From the hundreds and more blogs, sites, and offerings available through this service—the tips, tricks, articles, and instruction; your simple and short article featured today trumps all others to date. I am subscribing to your blog. Thank you very much.

— Art Wesley, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada

I have been buying online courses and reading books about Adwords and site optimization for the past three years, and your book is, by far, the best. For the first time it has become clear how all the parts fit together – both theoretically and practically. I had about given up on making my site effective and on and Adwords, but now am beginning to see the light. A damn good book. Thanks Howie!

Adwords for Dummies is a must have resource if you’re interested in PPC! Howie gives the reader a realistic and solid introduction to the concepts of (Google) Adwords and PPC. It’s a great resource to start anyone off or even as a refresher to make sure you haven’t forgotten what you loved (or want to love) about (Google) Adwords.

Thanks Howie, you have a load of good and helpful ideas. The emails are always interesting – which is more than can be said for most.

Just wanted to say thanks! for your great teleconference session. As somone struggling to get my company onto the web, I know that Google Adwords will be a great asset for me, and your book and teleconference really made a difference in helping me understand how to get started. A week ago, I had no idea how I’d market myself, and today, I’m ready to start bringing customers to my website. Thanks so much!

— Matt Gurney, Toronto

I deeply appreciate the time you took at the Smart Beginners Camp in Chicago this past weekend. You really helped clarify exactly what AdWords can do and how best to track them.

— Barry A. McConnell

A note of thanks for the terrific presentations and your willingness to share with us beginners, throughout the whole weekend, your knowledge, insights and advice to help us along the path to becoming successful business owners. To jog your memory we met and sat next to each other at the Friday evening get together.

Your presentations made it clear that Adwords and testing and tracking should be an integral part of starting and growing a business in order for it to be successful.

I’m looking forward to the audios of the weekend so that I can fill in what I may have missed the first time.

— Denise Zangoglia, Cedar Grove, NJ

Great teleseminar today. Very informative and I really like your style. I would definitely be interested in future classes.

Thank you sooooo much for your AdWords ER Report. I printed it off yesterday, sat down at work with my yellow highlighter like you recommended (no fruit smoothie) and when I went home from work, I did the stuff you told me to do. I feel like, for the first time, I’m actually beginning to acquire some decent knowledge about Adwords, after experiencing for a couple of months significant frustration not really knowing what the &^@! I’m doing.

— Jennifer Quigley

Howie,you just did a very nice thing ,that is to teach Adwords to a dummy like me. It works.

Within last two months while I was working on my both sites
and not only I was able to tripple my conversion ratio but reduce the cost of bids due to high C.T.R.Thanks for sharing the secrets.

Just had to tell you. I didn’t even finish the entire process of using your Adwords Checkmate Matrix for my first keyword. Just knew I had to go write a new ad. The first test ad gave me back my investment in your product almost immediately.

This thing completely removed the blinders and took me down a whole new path.

Thanks for making it so simple!

Howie Jacobson not only knows his Adwords, but cuts to the chase taking on questions with a laser focus.”

Even with involved, complex questions, he grasped the core of what was being asked and delivered. I was amazed at how he was able to provide targeted information quickly, without scrimping on quality. He provided exactly what I was looking for, and I never found myself thinking, “What I really wanted to know was…”

Thank you Howie, for your great info, and your terrific focus. I learned from both.

Howie: Your insights on the “Camels Nose Under the Tent” style of acquiring clients has earned me a great deal of business (One £500 project has now escalated into a £26,000 a year retainer and a share of profits, which is predicted to be about 10% of £50-75k per month). Also your advice to “Hurt ’em with bullets” on my landing pages has proved very valuable. Your coaching calls are similar to John Mendochas — I learn more in 30 minutes on the phone than I would from months of books, ebooks, seminars etc!

Howie, what can I say? We had a packed workshop and a packed Chapter Meeting. I know my group got a lot out of both of your presentations and I am still getting positive feedback from the Chapter Meeting. It’s the kind of direct and useful content, like you provided, that makes our Chapter Meetings so valuable to my members. Thank you for your time, expertise and professionalism. It was appreciate by everyone!

Some of these numbers might not be as impressive, but remember, the reason why we are so excited about them is that these customers jump right to high dollar sales. We find that around 30% of our visitors stop and pick up the phone to call us directly to ask questions. We close almost every one of these deals. This bypasses my current business model of:

1. Free Ebook
2. opt-in
3. DVD Sale
4. Lessons
5. back end equipment

The ad campaigns above were started completely from your advise and turned into about $30k since we started them. We actually have to work to get them back into our business model so that we can keep feeding them info!

The lifetime value of these customers is about $3000 ea.

By the way, 6 mo’s after starting the course, despite the fact that I was way behind on the classes and calls, my accountant informed me that by May, 2007, we had doubled the previous years’ net profit!

I am expecting 2008 to more than double 2007. God bless the esoteric highly targeted wisdom you have given to me!

Howie – I just wanted send a quick thank you for all you’ve done in regards to my Adwords campaigns. As Google makes things tougher – you make it all easier.

Your ‘tune-up’ last week has put my main keywords back into the profit zone – and now I can use that same strategy for all my other keywords.

Every time I hit a snag in my Adwords campaigns – you just know exactly what to do. There are two ways to use Adwords.
One way has you lose money – the other way (your way) results in new customers and profits.

Thank you so much for the excellent advice you gave to Suki and myself this morning. We both decided it was the best advice we’d heard in a long time! We love the idea of emphasizing our comparison to our competition on the landing page.

You are right – the customer has already decided that they need training, whether or not they are novice of seasoned trainers. When they come to us, they are trying to determine which training company to sign up with.

Forgot to tell you Howie, I opened your book randomly to one page, saw an idea you had about adding “24 hours a day, 7 days a week” to my site…I added that to the top of my site masthead next to my phone numbers and am already seeing more inbound calls…thanks for that.

March stats are in and March recorded the highest web new patients to date – 31. It was the first time that we broke into the 30s. Traffic to category was the biggest winner by far among all referral sources, print and electronic.

Just wanted to thank you for the timely reminder during last week’s Scorch:
We have to imagine ourselves in our prospect’s shoes–or better yet, their heads and hearts–as we’re writing our website copy. It’s so easy (and common) to jump straight into “solution-speak,” rather than building rapport with empathy and understanding for what they’re going through first.

Thanks again for all you do.

“As a member of Howie’s Ring of Fire, I’ve benefited greatly from access to Howie, his interviews with industry pros, and close proximity to marketers, who, like me, are eager to make the most of evolving tools and trends. Through it all, Howie’s wisdom, insight, and sincere desire to be uplifting have been important catalysts for my professional growth.”

While no one ever likes hearing bad things about their “stuff”, but it is impossible to be impartial about what you have created. YOU know how it is supposed to work and what is supposed to accomplish, YOU need a THEM to take a peek and see what you might be doing right and what has gone horribly awry! Howie’s suggestions served me far beyond my main site that got scorched, I was able to extrapolate the information to my membership site and even to emails and content. It is worth your time (and money) to have Howie take a peek at your site and make sure that you are presenting your product or service in the best light!

— Tara Jacobsen, Marketing Artfully
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