AdWords or Online Marketing Questions?

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Have a question about AdWords: Keyword selection, ad writing, split testing, conversion tracking, search vs. content, local business ads? How about your website: landing pages, opt-in strategy, sales conversion, split testing, email follow-up, use of audio or video?

I’m so glad you’ve visited my site and I’ll do my best to answer your question as quickly and completely as I can.

However, since I get a lot of questions, and my time management skills border on comical, I can’t promise that I’ll respond to your particular question. I choose from among all the questions I receive the ones that I think are most interesting and relevant to my readers.

One request, before you ask your question: please enter your correct email address! I may contact you to clarify your question, or get more details, and I get very sad when my emails bounce back. It’s like that time in 8th grade when I called this girl… never mind.

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