Contest: Bring on your best “Big Deal Difference” (BDD) Ad

On the web, we all have ADD. So in order to get the attention of your best Googling prospects, your ad needs to highlight your BDD – your "Big Deal Difference."

In other words, it must answer the searcher’s unspoken question, "Why should I click on this ad instead of all the other ads and organic listings on this Google Search Results Page?"

The answer to that question is your BDD.

Announcing the BDD Ad Contest

Have you written an ad with an awesome BDD? Then you can enter the BDD Ad Contest. Three prizes, going to the three best entries (decided by me, with some blog reader assists):

1. 30-minute consultation with me about anything AdWords- or marketing-related ($375 value)

2. Video "Scorch" of your website – I provide a video critique of your website, including suggestions for how to make it better

3. 2 months of Winner Alert, the tool that lets you know via email when your AdWords split tests are conclusive


1. Write your ad in the box below. It must be YOUR ad, your intellectual property. Include the display URL, but not the destination URL.

2. Indicate the keyword your ad is showing for. Make sure you include the precise match type for the keyword, so I can see the same Google Search Results Page you can.

3. Indicate where your ad is showing (e.g. "US and Canada," "Wisconsin," "Los Angeles Metro area," etc.)

4. Separate the three elements above with *** (e.g. My ad *** my keyword *** my geo-targeting)

Contest Timing:

The contest begins today, and continues until October 1, 2008 at 7:55pm EDT. You may enter as many times as you like.

What Happens to Your Entry:

I get to use your example in any way I like: in presentations, books, on the web, butt-cheek tattoos, etc. You don’t get compensated for this use (read the contest rules for the legalese).

Ready, set, BDD!

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