AdWords Secrets of the Billion Dollar Man

Encore Webinar

Joel McDonald is one of the top AdWords practitioners in the world. His skill, insight, and processes routinely blow me away.

Joel was my guest for a webinar a couple of Saturdays ago, and he shared some of his most powerful strategies; ones that helped him bring in over 1 billion dollars (yes, that’s billion with a “b”) in sales using AdWords alone.

Many people were sad that they couldn’t attend live, and asked if I would send them the recording.

I’m not making the recording available for download, for various reasons.

However, we will be rebroadcasting the webinar tomorrow, Tuesday March 29, starting at noon Eastern Time US and going for 24 hours. When you enter your name and email below, you’ll get access details and a follow-along handout.

This webinar is for newbies, for anyone struggling to make AdWords work, or anyone who has an online or offline business and wants to skyrocket the ROI from all their marketing efforts.

Joel’s clients include Mars Corporation (the folks who make M&Ms), Remax, Disney Resellers, and many other clients who spend up to half a million dollars a month in AdWords.

At the end of the webinar, we have a gift for you – so make sure you hang on until then.

We’ll also be sharing a remarkable ongoing education opportunity with you. Whether or not you take us up on it, you’ll definitely find this webinar one of the most important you’ll attend this year.

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