Buzz and Reviews

To state the obvious:

This is my website, so I’m not going to show you the bad reviews. If you want the whole scoop, head over to Amazon and read the reviews posted there. Except  for my limited psycho-kinetic abilities, I have no control over what people say about AdWords For Dummies over there.

That said, here are some choice compliments that mean a lot to me, from folks who should know:

From acknowledged Taguch master David Bullock:

"This is the best AdWords book I have seen in a long time. Great job with the step-by-step documentation!

"I have been using pay per click and adwords from the very beginning. But after reading every page of this book and doing the exercises, I have a true actionable understanding about how to better apply the AdWords direct response model to generate leads, build traffic and create almost instantaneous profitable exposure in most any market.

"From the novice to the expert, there is something to be learned or re-learned in this book." – David Bullock, Conversion and Taguchi Advertising Optimization Consultant

From Internet Marketing Master Teacher Ken McCarthy:

"AdWords For Dummies is awesome and not only covers the "tools" aspects of AdWords, but also the strategy and finer points of direct response marketing. The book is a complete course in Internet-based direct marketing and offers a very thorough training in AdWords as a bonus.

"Even as recently as three years ago, you couldn’t have put your hands on information like this for less than $5,000. It’s amazing it’s now available for just $24.99." – Ken McCarthy, Chief Instructor, The System Seminar

From someone who had been struggling with AdWords:

"I wanted to let you know that since I purchased  Google Adwords for Dummies, 4 weeks ago, I have read it and made some tweaks and changes to my already "mediocre" attempt at using Google Adwords solo. Before I read the book and applied some of the ideas and strategies, I was getting maybe 3 or 4 subscribers/day to my website I am now averaging between 8 and 10 new subscribers daily. I plan to continue reading and applying the ideas and priciples in the the book!

"My list is growing and prospects are writing and calling me for free sessions on a daily basis!"

Susan Epstein, LCSW


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