Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is AdWords and why should I care?

Google AdWords is the most important example of the most revolutionary advertising medium of the 21st century. Newspapers and Yellow Books are struggling to survive, because of online competition for readers and users. Yet most entrepreneurs and marketers have been slow to follow the searching habits of their markets.

If you’re not findable where your prospects are looking, you’re out of business quick.

Google AdWords is also the cheapest and quickest way to refine your marketing messages and strategies using a technique so powerful that for a century it has been the secret weapon of some of the biggest and richest direct marketing companies in the world: split testing.

Even if the lion’s share of your market is not online, AdWords allows you to become an accidental advertising genius – see Chapter 13 for all the glorious details.

2. Is AdWords really that complicated? Why does it warrant an entire book?

AdWords is like that board game from my childhood: a minute to learn, a lifetime to master. The basics of setting up an AdWords campaign and sending targeted traffic to your Web site are simple enough – and I cover them quickly in the introductory chapters.

The real trick to AdWords is using it – and other tools – to deeply empathize with your market. Keyword research, ad writing, creating of landing pages and the entire sales funnel, email follow-up, Web site interactivity, use of the telephone and the mail; these tactics are all about caring about, learning about, and serving your customers with competence, creativity, and integrity.

Most of AdWords for Dummies is actually about using AdWords to discover the skills and insights of Direct Marketing. You won’t just learn a new advertising medium – you’ll learn a whole new mindset for turning strangers into loyal customers.

3. Who are you and why are you qualified to write this book?

I’ve been an AdWords junkie since early 2003, which is like 50 normal human years. I’ve consulted with and coached hundreds of entrepreneurs on their AdWords campaigns and overall business strategy. I’ve lectured and led workshops and seminars around the world and neighboring planets, and I got to interview and learn from dozens of other AdWords experts as part of my research for this book (that’s the best part of being a published author, I discovered).

Perry Marshall, Ken McCarthy, and Bill Glazer think highly enough of my expertise to share their clients and their audiences with me. (I’m flattered, guys, I really am.) David Bullock has said to me on two separate occasions, "Howie, that’s a really good point."

I know AdWords can be daunting and confusing – I’ve done my best to make the topic simple and accessible even for the rank beginner – hence the "For Dummies" imprint. Oh, and I try to be not only instructive but entertaining. Do I succeed? Listen to my own words:

"AdWords for Dummies is by far the funniest AdWords book I’ve ever written." – Howie Jacobson, PhD, author, AdWords for Dummies.

That’s got to prove something…

4. How does it differ from the other AdWords books on the market?

Mine has a yellow and black cover. Didn’t you notice?

The For Dummies people are amazing editors – they sent back every chapter I wrote with more margin notes than text. They made me explain every step so clearly that anyone could get it right. They challenged me on all my assumptions and conclusions, and as a result ended up with a book that really is For Dummies and For Geniuses and For Everyone In Between.

5. Did Google get to edit the book or influence what you wrote about them?

Read the book and you’ll see that I tell it like I see it about Google, warts and all. This is a book about how to make money using Google, not how to make money for Google. I had access to several very knowledgeable and generous members of the AdWords team for technical questions and heads-ups on new features, but the final word is mine.

6. How much does the AdWords for Dummies cost?

List price is $24.95. Most bookstores discount it to anywhere from $16-19. Gosh, that makes my rate about half a cent an hour. Depressing…

7. Does AdWords for Dummies come with any bonuses?

As a matter of fact, it does.

First, you get the entire retail price of the book back in free Google AdWords clicks. So the book is actually free.

Second, you get two valuable software tools, the Keyword Variant Generator (sells for $39.95) and the Market Profitability Gauge (created specifically for the book, so I’ve never tested price in the marketplace).

Third, you get free trial subscriptions to some very cool and powerful third-party AdWords tools.

Fourth, you get access to the Gold Key section of this website, with video tutorials, bonus articles, and AdWords update alerts via email.

8. Can I get an autographed copy?

Sure. The easiest way is to buy the book and autograph it yourself. Who’s gonna know?

Or jump on my Flying AdWords Circus Tour mailing list (in the green sidebar on this page) and come on up and introduce yourself at intermission.



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