Table of Contents

Part I: Becoming a Google Advertiser

Chapter 1: Profiting from the Pay Per Click Revolution

Chapter 2: Setting Up Your Starter Edition Account

Chapter 3: Setting Up Your Standard Edition Account

Part II: Launching Your AdWords Campaign

Chapter 4: Discovering Your Online Market

Chapter 5: Choosing the Right Keywords

Chapter 6: Writing Magnetic Ads

Part III: Managing Your AdWords Campaigns

Chapter 7: Deciding Where and When to Show Your Ads

Chapter 8: Improving Your Campaigns

Chapter 9: Getting It Done With AdWords Tools

Part IV: Converting Clicks to Clink

Chapter 10: Giving Your Customer a Soft Landing on Your Web Site

Chapter 11: Following Up With Your Prospects

Chapter 12: Building a Great Web Site

Part V: Testing Your Strategies and Tracking Your Results

Chapter 13: How You Can’t Help Becoming an Advertising Genius

Chapter 14: Slashing Your Costs with Conversion Tracking

Chapter 15: Making More Sales With Google Analytics

Part VI: The Part of Tens

Chapter 16: The Ten Most Serious Beginners’ Mistakes

Chapter 17: Ten AdWords Case Studies

Bonus Chapters – Web Only

Bonus Chapter 1: Ten Tools to Make Your AdWords Life Easier

Bonus Chapter 2: Ten Advanced Ad Writing Tips from the Pros


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