BOPZine: Are You Marketing Globally?

Today’s video BOPzine (12 minutes) shows you several tools for global market research. It’s a big file, so please be patient and give it a minute or so to load (it’s worth it :)

See below the video for links to the tools, as well as today’s Sponsor – the Ring of Fire.



Links from the Video (each opens in a new window):

Google Search Insights:

Google Global SERP Preview Tool:

Redfly’s Google Global Extension for Firefox:

PPC Web Spy Extension for Firefox: (Note: the free version is all you need to access the "View Destination URL" feature)

"Sponsored" Link: Sign up for the Ring of Fire ($5 for the first month) and get "How to Generate More Leads and Sales with Multilingual Search" PDF transcript and mp3 audio free. 

You can cancel at any time and keep the Multilingual Search and other bonuses (Quality Score Secrets; The AdWords Strategy of "The Secret" Movie; Testimonial Farming; How to Go From "Who Are You?" to "My Wallet’s Out" in 30 Seconds or Less") for your troubles. If you want to stay in the Ring of Fire, you will be charged $97/month after the first month.

Don’t feel bad about taking advantage of me – it’s my job to convince you that the Ring of Fire is a no-brainer at $97/month. If you grab all the bonuses and say goodbye after the first month, that’s totally cool.

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