Camp Checkmate Unveiled

I've been working for over a year on the Checkmate methodology. How to use it. How to teach it. How to apply it to different markets. 

The penultimate test was a live 2-day event in Durham, NC in December 2009. Called Camp Checkmate, it brought together complete Checkmate novices and took them through the entire methodology in depth. They each left with a bunch of new ads that represented quantum leaps forward in their industries.

Mark Lyon, who owns a high end audio store in Austin, emailed me a couple of weeks after Camp Checkmate:

CTR doubling in two weeks, with increased sales and income to boot – go Mark! (And Jim, who gave birth to Mark's new winner!)

The Final Test

I knew Camp Checkmate was good for beginner and intermediate AdWords users, but I wasn't sure about its value for top AdWords pros. "Maybe they already know this stuff," the disempowering little voice in my head whispers.

Then Perry Marshall invited me to present a Checkmate exercise at his most exclusive Roundtable Meeting in Orlando at the end of January. 

I had just one hour to work with the group of 31 high-level marketers (many of whom make 7 figure incomes online). Gulp.

I led an exercise in which each participant got 6 minutes to work on their ads.

I was absolutely blown away by the response. Some of the top AdWords practitioners in the world were buzzing with excitement. They got an average of seven new ads to test – ads that they felt were better than their best controls.

In just 6 minutes!

Check out this video montage:

If you can't view the video, you can catch it here: Lightning Checkmate

Imagine what you will accomplish in 2 days of Camp Checkmate. You'll leave with new ads, landing pages, email follow-ups…

Without strain, pain, or effort, you'll completely overhaul your AdWords-driven marketing system.

Some "Downer" Feedback For Me

When I presented the Camp Checkmate concept at the mastermind, I told them that I was hoping for 200 attendees in Chicago in June.

They didn't think that was such a great idea.

"It's the personal attention that makes this so valuable."

"You need to be going around to each person, helping them. You can't do that with 200 people."

"Two hundred people will be a giant headache. Keep it small and focus on giving tremendous value to a manageable number."

In the face of that kind of feedback from people who were raving about the Checkmate exercise they had just done, I ate some humble pie and reconsidered.

I said goodbye (for now) of the dream of me standing in front of a giant crowd in a huge ballroom.

I said hello to a more intimate group (no more than 40) in Chicago, and a very intimate group (no more than 30) in Durham.

And you know what? The minute I made that decision, I knew it was the right one. I'm completely confident that Checkmate in small groups works, because I've experienced it.

Plus, now I have some urgency and scarcity on my side as I market the event. There really is a limited number of seats, and they're selling out on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Here's the schedule of Camp Checkmate for the rest of 2010:

April 1-2, 2010 in Durham NC
June 10-11, 2010 in Chicago IL

Camp Checkmate costs $1596 for two full days, including all course materials, full lunches and morning and afternoon snacks (gotta keep the brain fueled, right? ;)

You also get – included – AdWords Checkmate Deluxe home study version ($497 value). That includes one full year of the Chess Club, a monthly coaching program for Checkmate graduates.

Plus you can bring a key associate (co-worker, spouse, etc.) for an additional $95 (to cover my hard costs of food and course materials).

And there's a three-payment option as well.

Ready to sign up and reserve your place?

Go here for the single payment plan (save $99).

Go here for the three-payment plan.

Once you pay and register, I'll be in touch with all the details, and you'll get immediate electronic access to the complete Checkmate Deluxe package.

Looking forward to seeing you at one of the upcoming Camp Checkmate workshops!

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