Camp Checkmate

Camp Checkmate will take place in Durham, North Carolina on February 4-5, 2009. Space is limited.

What is Camp Checkmate?

Camp Checkmate is a two-day interactive workshop in which you'll apply the AdWords Checkmate method to your account and come away with "Game Over" ads that totally reposition you as the obvious choice for your ideal prospects. (You can read more about AdWords Checkmate, the home study course, here.) Camp Checkmate takes the concepts of proactive positioning, decoys, choice architecture, and relativity to a whole new level. We'll spend all of Day One and most of Day Two positioning your products and services using the Dynamic Triangle:

Checkmate ads make you the obvious choice for your ideal prospect, but not for everyone else. So you get more qualified traffic to your site while sending less money to Google.

More leads, more signups, more sales – for less advertising spend.

Camp Checkmate Agenda

Day 1

Introduction: The Primacy of Context / Choice Architecture

Ideal Prospect Identification: The Six Questions


The Checkmate Matrix

Workshop: Checkmate Matrix Completion

Group Session: Tactical Responses – Instant Improvements

Review of Day 1

Day 2

Decoy Ads Advanced Positioning Scanning the SERP through your ideal prospect's eyes Collaborative Ad Writing Exercise LUNCH Feedback and Coaching Review of Day 2 Tearful Goodbyes

What people are saying

Camp Checkmate is a new event, so I can't share any testimonials yet. But here are some testimonials about what it's like to come to Durham for a live askHowie event. Here are a few videos I grabbed at the end of the last Camp Howie, in February 2009.

View this video if you're thinking, "I'm not doing enough AdWords to justify spending two days on the topic." John says, "This will drastically change the future of my business in the next three months."

Karen was very concerned about taking the time to come to Camp Howie because, as she puts it, "If I'm not writing, I'm not earning." Watch this video to find out if her experience justified the time away from billable activity.

Don needed to travel from Seattle to Durham for the workshop, and had a lot of second thoughts about making the cross-country trip. Watch the video to discover if Don went home a happy camper or not.

Some additional thoughts from John about what it's like actually spending time with me.

And a couple of unscripted moments of total honesty…


When you sign up for Camp Checkmate, that obligates me, not you. If by the end of the first day, you don't think the workshop is worth many times the cost, just let me know and I'll write you a check for the entire cost of the workshop and we'll part friends. If that's fair enough, compare the options and choose the one that's better for you:


Camp Checkmate Basic Camp Deluxe Camp

2-day Camp Checkmate Seminar
Durham NC, February 4-5, 2010
– or –
Chicago IL, June 10-11, 2010

AdWords Checkmate Deluxe ($497 value)
1 year of the Chess Club (monthly Checkmate coaching calls) ($750 value)  
Price US$2094.00 US$2295.00
Payment Options

Single Payment (save $99)



3 Installments

3 monthly payments of $698

3 monthly payments of $765


Got questions about Camp Checkmate? Email me at support AT askhowie DOT com and we’ll figure out together if Camp Checkmate is a good fit for you right now.

I look forward to rocking your online world at Camp Checkmate.


Howie Jacobson, PhD Author, Google AdWords For Dummies

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