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Thursday June 3, 2010: An Urgent Message from Howie

Watch this 4-minute video to find out why Howie is standing in the middle of Frankfurt Airport talking to his webcam. And why he wants you to drop everything this coming Thursday and Friday, June 10-11, and come to Chicago for Camp Checkmate:

Why Were Some of the Biggest, Brightest AdWords Brains in the Universe Blown Away with a Simple 6-minute Tease Of the “Checkmate Method”?

…and How You'll Transform Your Entire Business in just 48 Hours at Camp Checkmate

Question: If these AdWords Black belts saw that much value in Checkmate after just SIX MINUTES… imagine how it will transform your entire business after 48 hours of intensive coaching!

Here’s a little bit of what they discovered…

  • How to generate penetrating, click-inducing ads in just 30 minutes…rather than 3 months of trial and error!
  • How to write ads that attract the good clicks…and repel the bad clicks
  • How to breakthrough ad writer’s block and pump out 30-40 killer ads fast
  • How to survey your AdWords battlefield in just 5-10 minutes…and let your competition write your ads for you

Test-drive Camp Checkmate For Free

Want to attend pre-Camp training, zero-cost and risk-free, before you decide whether to attend the event?

Since Camp Checkmate is all about the experience and the ads and landing page content you'll come away with, I feel really good about sharing all the "content" in this pre-Camp training. The more you understand the power of this methodology, the more eager you'll be to experience two days of intensive and totally fun Camp Checkmate activities.

Lessons are delivered via e-mail and also include free PDF tutorials and free live tele-seminars. Of course, you can unsubscribe with a single click if you've had enough. And of course you'll never receive spam as a result of signing up for pre-Camp.

Dear Internet Marketer:

It's me, Howie. As you know, I’m the AdWords For Dummies guy. I’ve made my name teaching people the basics of Google AdWords. But last January I got a chance to “school” a different breed of students.

I presented a 6-minute tease of “Checkmate” at Perry Marshall’s “AdWords for Geniuses” summit.

OK, he doesn’t really call it “Adwords for Geniuses”, but Perry Marshall's Roundtable is only for the most intense Internet Marketers. To say the Roundtable guys know AdWords is like saying Kobe Bryant knows how to dribble a little.

So I was kinda nervous…

But as you saw, they were blown away…

Perry Marshall



"The AdWords Checkmate strategy is vital to competing in PPC these days. I wish I’d thought of it."

"One of the problems with the process of creating things, in fact perhaps the chief problem, is understanding who your customer is. What really impressed me about Howie is his ability to create a sequence of events whereby you are able to understand your customer better by talking to other people with the same problem."

"And I've seen many people around the world try to teach people to sell things, but it really starts with your customer. What Howie does, is he enables you to do this supremely well, in a way which is almost childishly simple, but hugely effective. You should give him a shot."

Drayton Bird
Legendary Direct Marketing Copywriter

Split Testing is Good, Checkmate is Much Better

You know enough about AdWords to know you’re a fool if you’re not split testing ads all the time. If you’re not, you’re simply removing the blade from one of the sharpest tools you have at your disposal. Most of us “gurus” would go as far as to say that testing and tracking IS Internet marketing. Period.

But what if you could cut 3, 6, 12 months of that trial-and-error time down to 1 week, 1 day, 30 minutes?

Testing and Tracking is important, but there is no rule that says you have to do it the hard way. Trust me, it’s OK to skip the part where you’re testing a bunch of loser ads and go straight to the winner. You have my permission. It’s much more fun and profitable to spend your time improving the WINNERS through split testing.

What Were The AdWords Geniuses So Excited About?

The Shortcut that Checkmate gave them! Sure, they know the value of testing and tracking, but they are always on the lookout for a good shortcut. And when they see a shortcut that can save them 3 months? 6 months? 12 months? They get a little giddy.

The room was buzzing with excitement. They were bouncing ideas off each other. I was going from table to table, helping them generate more and more profit-boosting ad ideas.

It was a blast! And all that from SIX MEASLY MINUTES!

Mark Lyon, 
Audio Systems

"The ad we wrote using Checkmate is getting about twice the number of clicks that the previous winner had been getting! So, big success. There is no doubt that the Checkmate method is contributing to both sales and income."


But Then They Shot Me Down …

So, I asked them, “Wow! You guys are so excited about this, I guess I should have a big seminar and invite 200 or 300 people to come and learn this, right?”

(I could already see myself standing in front of the crowd. Pressed suit. Looking professorial. Dispensing my wisdom from on high.)

But they said, “No Howie. Bad Idea.”

And I replied, “Ummm…but, you said…I don't get it. Why is that a bad idea?”

“You need to do what you did here today. Invite a small number of serious AdWords advertisers and give them one-on-one input. Get the room buzzing with excitement like you did here. You can’t do that with 300 people! Keep it personal.

Then everyone will come away a winner!”

I had to agree they were right. So, that’s what I’m doing.

So I’m accepting no more than 40 campers to Camp Checkmate in Chicago.

Test-drive Camp Checkmate For Free

Want to attend pre-Camp training, zero-cost and risk-free, before you decide whether to attend the event?

Since Camp Checkmate is all about the experience and the ads and landing page content you'll come away with, I feel really good about sharing all the "content" in this pre-Camp training. The more you understand the power of this methodology, the more eager you'll be to experience two days of intensive and totally fun Camp Checkmate activities.

Lessons are delivered via e-mail and also include free PDF tutorials and free live tele-seminars. Of course, you can unsubscribe with a single click if you've had enough. And of course you'll never receive spam as a result of signing up for pre-Camp.

Do Not Try This (Only) At Home…

I know how hard it is to get internet marketers out of the house. If you’re like me, you get lost in your little online world. We’re entrepreneurial and independent by nature. “Why do I need other people? If you want something done right, do it yourself!” etc.

I get it. I’m like that too. You gotta prove it to me. So, I’m gonna give you a great reason you should NOT (only) try this at home but get to Chicago…but first I’ll give you some reasons to NOT go…

Don't go to Camp Checkmate if you have no AdWords competitors. (Seriously – you won't be able to complete the Checkmate matrix if you have no competition to position yourself against.)

Don't go to Camp Checkmate if you have no interest in improving the internal workings of your business. Yes, Checkmate will hone your marketing, but the really powerful part comes in when you brainstorm actual improvements, and not just more powerful messaging.

Don't go to Camp Checkmate if you don't play well with others. The Checkmate process requires you to brainstorm with other campers and help facilitate the flow of Mastermind energy.

Now, the reasons to go…

Reason Number 1 to Reserve Your Spot at Camp Checkmate Chicago…

Your Blimp Will Never Break the Sound Barrier


  • Are you making little tweaks and getting minor improvements with each ad?
  • Does it feel like you’re trying to wake a possum by hitting it with a stick?
  • Have you spent the last few months going from 2.15% CTR to 2.17%?
  • More importantly, can you honestly say that your improvements in CTR have dramatically improved your revenue or profitability?

Dirty AdWords Secret Exposed: You can’t spend CTR. Did you know that? I tried to pay my mortgage last month with the 50% CTR improvements I got on one of my ads…Wells Fargo turned me down. I was shocked.

Are Your Ads Like the World’s Fastest Blimp?

FACT: You cannot make significant breakthroughs with your AdWords ad – or your business in general – by staying in your cave and making little tweaks on what are probably – I’m sorry to say this but it’s probably true – LOSER ads. Sure they are the BEST of the LOSERS you’ve tried so far, but that’s like saying they are the world’s fastest blimp.

At Camp Checkmate you’ll trade your blimps for some supersonic jets. Rather than waiting for the blimps to break the sound barrier (not EVER gonna happen), you’ll trade them for X-15s that can speed you to success.

One of the KEY SECRET ingredients to the Checkmate special sauce (anybody else hungry?) is not something you can do alone. It must be done in a group setting. It requires that you get the immediate response you can only get in a LIVE setting.

I call it a Snap-Focus Group and if you make it to Chicago we’ll use that (and all my other Checkmate goodies) on your ads and send you home with 30-40 killer new ads to test that will save you 3, 6, 12 months of testing, and rocket your CTR as much as 100% WITH THE PEOPLE WHO WILL ACTUALLY BUY!

You know, the kind of CTR you can actually spend someday? The kind that comes with dollars attached to it?

Get out of your cave. Get around other experts. Draw creativity from the excitement of other brains teeming with marketing brilliance. Do me a favor: Watch the video again from Perry’s seminar. It’s all about the “mastermind” phenomenon. Camp Checkmate takes that energy and channels it into the generation of competition-killing ads.

Remember, we generated that kind of CTR-boosting energy from just SIX MINUTES. Imagine what you’ll get in 2 days of jam packed idea generation.

"Hi Howie, Just had to tell you. I didn't even finish the entire process of using your AdWords Checkmate Matrix for my first keyword. Just knew I had to go write a new ad. The first test ad gave me back my investment in your product almost immediately. This thing completely removed the blinders and took me down a whole new path. Thanks for making it so simple!"

Richard Mouser


Reason #2:

You Think You Already Know How to Write Good Ads.

That’s What I Used to Think…

These are comments I hear all the time. “Listen, Howie…

  • I’ve read all the old copywriting geniuses like Caples and Hopkins and Schwab and Schwartz. I know how to write headlines that sell.
  • I’ve studied reports from Marketing Sherpa and AdGooroo. I know the data about what ads have pulled the best CTR historically.
  • I’ve read “Adwords For Dummies” and Perry’s book. I know about benefits first and the importance of a great display URL…”

All that’s great. I highly recommend you do all of the above (especially that “Adwords For Dummies” part, one of my favorite books;). But even Caples and Hopkins and Marshall would tell you that, after you’ve used all their tactics…you’ll probably still be stuck with “the world’s fastest blimp”.

Dan Perach,

“As a successful PPC expert, I thought I knew everything there was to know about writing ads. Boy, was I wrong!"

“If you're in a really competitive market, it's just crazy not to use Checkmate. It takes more time than just ‘throwing up an ad’ – that's definitely true. But if I'm paying big bucks for clicks, I want my ad to resonate with my target audience: unique value, credibility, and emotion. I'm so glad I invested the time and effort in Checkmate to elevate my creativity and competency."


Why? I’ll tell you why in a sec, but first let’s go to the movies…

AdWords Tips from the Biggest Blockbuster Movie of All Time…

Seen Avatar yet? Seems like most of the world has. And there is a great marketing lesson there. No, not from the marketing of the movie…but from the story…

In the movie a soldier is given the ability, through a computer program, to control a body that looks like an alien called a “Navi”. This “avatar” body was built for him by the government. Inside this alien “avatar” he’ll be able to infiltrate the alien planet and execute the military’s plans. Or so they hope.

But after walking around as this blue-skinned alien for awhile…living with its kin…learning the Navi ways…he starts to relate to the Navi…falls in love with one of them…and…

Well, I won’t give away the ending…but by climbing inside their skin and walking around a while, he learns their wants and needs and desires INTIMATELY. He gains insights into their most deeply held convictions and yearnings.

How would you like to do that with your prospects?

Well, you certainly can’t do THAT by reading Caples and Hopkins and typing in ads on the AdWords campaign interface from the safety of your cave. All that does is make your blimp a little faster.

Put On Your Blue Skin and Write Some Ads

You gotta get in the blue skin of your alien prospects and walk around.

And that’s what we do in Camp Checkmate. Well, we don’t actually put on blue skins, but we do an advanced psychological exercise called “Avatar Casting” that achieves the same results.

Like’s “29 dimensions of compatibility”, you’ll leave with a customer avatar composed of 49 dimensions…49 areas of opportunity.

It will be like reading your ideal customer’s diary.

By the time you leave Camp you’ll know your “avatar” inside and out. You’ll have conversation with it. You’ll take it to dinner. You’ll fall in love …well, OK, maybe you won’t fall in love with it right away…but you WILL fall in love with it after it helps you write ads that leapfrog you over your competition.

Speaking of Your Competition…

How to Get Your Competition to Write Your Ads for You

Another thing that reading Caples and Marketing Sherpa data can NOT tell you is what your prospects are reacting to RIGHT NOW.

Yes, they can tell you what the faceless sea of humanity responded to LAST YEAR or ten years ago or 50 years ago. But they can’t give you “in game statistics”. They can’t tell you what YOUR prospects are reacting to RIGHT now.

But Checkmate can…and does.


Question: Do you write your ads in the AdWords campaign screen?

Stop it. Worst place to write your ads. Why?



Nope, not Einstein’s theory. Don’t worry. I’m not going to break into a proof of e=mc2. There’s no math or physics in Camp Checkmate.

But knowing the marketing theory of Relativity is crucial in AdWords. Relativity means that Google searchers make click decisions based on the information currently available to them. Not reason, not rationality…but simply by quickly evaluating only the information that’s in front of their face for those few seconds after they click “Search”.


Not knowing this can keep you stuck for years.

Knowing it can open up new, highly profitable vistas of opportunity not just for your Adwords campaigns…but for your entire business.

But you have to go INTO the battle zone to find them. You have to be face to face with your competition and see what they are up to.

How to Write Ads While Bullets Whistle Past Your Head

At Camp Checkmate I’ll teach you a method for ad idea generation that blows the doors off of the old method of “Sit in my cave staring at the empty AdWords boxes trying to think of a new way to say 'free'”.

I’ll take you out into no-man’s land, bullets whistling overhead, and show you how to construct a competitive matrix based on your competitors’ ads.

Then I’ll show you how to use that matrix to find the chinks in your competitor’s armor…the hole in his defenses…the opportunities he’s left wide open.

AND HERE’S THE KICKER: These method will not only rocket your AdWords campaigns into higher profitability zones but also…

  • Show you how to get higher opt-in rates on your landing pages
  • Illuminate ways you can tweak your sales pages to get higher conversions
  • Teach you how to write email autoresponder messages that will generate more back end sales
  • Show you how to design new product and services offerings for previously ignored niches that boost your profitability and paint your competition in a corner.

Test-drive Camp Checkmate For Free

Want to attend pre-Camp training, zero-cost and risk-free, before you decide whether to attend the event?

Since Camp Checkmate is all about the experience and the ads and landing page content you'll come away with, I feel really good about sharing all the "content" in this pre-Camp training. The more you understand the power of this methodology, the more eager you'll be to experience two days of intensive and totally fun Camp Checkmate activities.

Lessons are delivered via e-mail and also include free PDF tutorials and free live tele-seminars. Of course, you can unsubscribe with a single click if you've had enough. And of course you'll never receive spam as a result of signing up for pre-Camp.

Reason #3

Checkmate: Not ANOTHER AdWords Tool, THE AdWords Tool.

I know. I know. I know.

There are piles and piles of AdWords tools and widgets and programs and applications and doo-hickies. Keyword tools. Spy tools. Split test tools. Copywriting programs. And on and on.

I live and breathe AdWords. I see them all myself.

I am aware. But…

Question: What happens if you never get a click?

Answer: Nothing


Question: What happens if you get the wrong kind of clicks

Answer: You waste tons of money

So, it all boils down to the ads. You can have the most lethal stack of keywords on the planet, the most sophisticated testing and tracking tools available, but if you can’t get inside your customer’s head and write ads that GET A LOT OF THE RIGHT KIND OF CLICKS…it’s all meaningless.

Got a great landing page? Who cares – if no one ever sees it? Who cares – if the WRONG people see it?

Got a killer autoresponder sequence? Doesn’t mean a thing if you have no list, right?

At the end of the day, it’s all about those 130 characters.

Get that wrong, and you can forget all your other fancy tools and programs.

HOWEVER…if you get it RIGHT, suddenly you have information you can use to transform all your other marketing pieces: Juice up your landing page until it guzzles up opt-ins. Tweak your sales page until it goes cha-ching. Modify your email messages until they bring home the dollars.

Your ad is the still point around which your online universe revolves.

The Checkmate “Butterfly Effect” to Transform Your Business…

Let’s say you use Checkmate to get 50% better CTR. This is VERY LIKELY by the way.

  • Then you use those same insights to get 20% better opt-ins on your landing page
  • Then you use those same insight to tweak your sales page and get 10% more sales
  • Then you use them again to tweak your autoresponders and get 20% more back end sales.

Do the math.

Oh, I said there would be no math, didn’t I? OK, I’ll do it for you…

Using the example above…

Before: 1000 clicks a week, 50 opt ins, 5 sales at $100, 1 back end sale at $100 = $600/week = $31,200 per year 
After: 1500 clicks a week, 90 opt ins, 10 sales at $100, 2 back end sales at $100 = $1200/week = $62,400 per year

That’s $31,200 more per year…DOUBLE the revenue. From one good idea generated by Checkmate and applied to your funnel.

Now, what if you use the same information to develop a NEW product or service that meets a key customer need, costs 50% more… that your competition doesn’t even offer?

This is where it gets REALLY fun.

Oh, and now big list owners want to partner with you…and affiliates are knocking on your door wanting to promote your product or service…

And it happens with Checkmate.

"Analyzing my competitive ads with your matrix opened up so many previously missed opportunities! I have been using AdWords "strategically" for the last two years, but my Achilles heel has been developing new ads for split-testing. Your matrix provides so many different angles to develop new ideas and identify weaknesses from my competition. The group activity was also a fun way to get new ideas and also to stretch my "creativity" muscle to help others. " Susan Kruger


Reason #4

Because We’re Going Camping, Not Luxury Cruising

I’m looking over the agenda for Camp Checkmate right now and out of 16 hours of Camp time I see I’ve scheduled about 95 minutes for me to "lecture".

And half of that is at the very beginning of camp.

The rest of the time we’re going to be roughing it in the wild forest of your sales funnel

  • performing enemy reconnaissance with competitive matrix exercises
  • brainstorming ad ideas, headline ideas, offer ideas…
  • avatar casting to get you inside your prospect’s head
  • panel discussions to debrief and sharpen the irons
  • Q&A to make sure we all stay on the same map

and, of course, ad writing.

Meat and potatoes stuff. Cutting firewood and clearing brush.

Much as I’d like to stand up in front of a group of 200 people in a tux and lecture like a Nobel prize winner, I’m gonna be more like a platoon sergeant leading the troops into battle…getting in the trenches and fighting with you. It’s gonna get muddy and messy. We WILL get our hands dirty.

But you’ll come away with more than a battle plan for victory. You’ll come away with the ads, the headlines, the bullets…the WEAPONS… to execute that plan.

  • Boost your click through rate as much as 100%
  • Slash your cost per click as much as 50%
  • Cut your trial-and-error time by months or years
  • Generate ideas that can grow EVERY part of your business

Camp Checkmate Details

When and Where?

Camp Checkmate Chicago will be held on June 10-11, 2010, at the Entourage restaurant and conference center on American Lane in Schaumberg, IL.


There are a bunch of nice, inexpensive hotels within walking distance, so that part won't break your budget. (I can't guarantee availability, so you probably shouldn't wait too long before committing.)

If you're flying in, the closest airport is Chicago O'Hare. I've got the number of a private taxi company with super-low rates, so you don't have to rely on the expensive airport cabs.

Camp Checkmate Agenda

Day 1:

  • Introduction to the Checkmate Matrix
  • Finding Tactical Opportunities
  • Avatar Building – Snap-Focus Groups
  • Lunch (included on-site)
  • Emotional Hooks – Guest Presenter #1: Perry Marshall
  • Strategic Improvements

Day 2:

  • Advanced Avatar Work – Guest Presenter #2: Glenn Livingston
  • Landing Page Creation – Group exercises
  • Lunch (included on-site)
  • Follow Up Strategies
  • Visionary Business Transformation

Guest Speakers: Perry Marshall and Glenn Livingston

I'm thrilled that two of my closest business pals and mentors have agreed to present their own work that relates to the Checkmate method.  

Perry will show us how to wield his brilliant Ad Writing Swiss Army Knife, which is a perfect fit with Checkmate.

And Glenn will reveal some additional quick and dirty market research tools that take the avatar process to a whole new level.

Usually, small-group access to me, Glenn, Perry, and several other top AdWords practitioners costs an awful lot of money.

But on June 10-11, you and 39 other people will have just that opportunity for a surprisingly low sum.


Hey, camp is supposed to be fun! And so is creative brainstorming. I believe that if you aren't having a blast, you're not using your full brain. So most of our time will be spent on engaging exercises that may feel like play.

The Dating Game…

I've Got a Secret…

Panel of Experts…

Random Walk…

Of course, the rapid-fire Snap-Focus Groups…

And more… I may even bring a canteen and a whistle… ;)

Camp Checkmate is ADHD-Friendly

If you're the kind of person who tends to check out during long presentations with PowerPoint slides, this is the workshop for you.

Most entrepreneurs weren't actually that happy in school, sitting around listening to teachers droning on and on. Why go back to that kind of environment now?

Camp Checkmate engages ears, eyes, and body, so you learn in multiple layers. And, because this is a hands-on practical workshop, you actually go home with most of your work done for you.

Thanks to your willingness to play.

Thanks to your fellow campers.

And thanks to the powerful energy of the Mastermind.

Camp Checkmate Bonuses

No self-respecting online marketer would ever dream of inviting you to an event without offering mouthwatering bonuses.

But these three bonuses are not the "Let's see what I've got lying around that I'm not using and that don't cost anything to give away" variety.

Neither are they the "These are Really Good but basically irrelevant to the workshop" variety. Nor are they, heaven forbid, the "Lots of people gave me their free reports so they could generate leads" variety.

Instead, each of these bonuses is a crucial piece of follow-up that will support your Checkmates long after Camp is over.

Bonus #1: Digital Checkmate Crash Course

The crash course contains all the material in the Checkmate home study course, so you can refer to it whenever you need reminders, support or inspiration.

Part 1: Checkmate Revealed

  • The single most important and overlooked factor in searcher’s decision-making process
  • The importance of the searcher’s “story” – and how to uncover it
  • The hidden search motivator: the trigger
  • How to balance relevance and difference in your ads
  • How to sneak through the filter in your prospect’s mind
  • Should you use the keyword in the headline? Some surprising advice
  • How to craft a powerful USP (and evaluate whether yours is up to snuff)
  • The nine elements of every ad (knowing these will allow you to evaluate any SERP in minutes and find your own Checkmate positioning)
  • A live example – applying Checkmate to the GMAT Prep market

Part 2: Checkmate in Action – Example, Analysis and Live Coaching in 3 Really Different Markets:

  • Goal Setting (selling education)
  • Backup Cameras (selling a physical product)
  • Septic Problems (selling a service and product)

Part 3: 6 easy-to-complete tools that lead you to finding your unique Checkmate Voice, as well as the Tools “Personal Trainer” (step by step instructions to complete the tools)

The most powerful and overlooked ad writing technique is what I call “voice” – the way your prospect hears your ad in their head as they view it. The 6 Checkmate Tools allow you to put an attractive and unique voice into a 4 line pay per click ad that speaks directly to your customer. It cuts through the clutter of the page and makes your ad stand out like new white shoelaces under black light.

Bonus #2: The 7 Levels of Persuasion

There are 7 levels of persuasion that marketers use to convince prospects to buy. The 3 highest and most powerful levels are rarely used, and used correctly even less often. When you graduate from Checkmate Camper to Counselor in Training, these concepts will be your new best friend.

Bonus #3: One-Year Membership in the Chess Club

The Chess Club consists of live coaching calls 11 times a year (every month except August) and a support forum where you get to ask questions and get answers as you hone your Checkmate chops.

You get yearlong access to me for coaching and guidance. Checkmate is simple, but like all skills of discernment and creativity, it improves with practice and feedback. I can show you how to use Checkmate with your own keywords and ads, whenever you’re a little stuck or need an outside pair of eyes.

In fact, you could make the case that the Chess Club is what you're paying for – a year of group coaching! – and the live event is the bonus.

Dan Perach,


“The Chess Club is as good as it gets.”

Jackie Davis,

“I wasn’t going to get on the Chess Club call this week. I’m a newbie. I don’t have a PPC campaign running and didn’t see what value I’d get from the call. Besides, I’ve read tons of PPC ads and they look easy enough to write.

“Wow, was I wrong! Not getting on the call would have been a huge mistake. In just a few minutes Howie taught me how to REALLY read and analyze PPC ads. Now I know I’ll be able to create ads that will stand out from the competition.

“If you haven't been on a call you're missing out. Howie rocks!”


Why Act Now?

1. Because Checkmate Works

The sooner you get started, the sooner you can benefit from the Game Over ads that tip the whole AdWords game in your favor. And not just AdWords. Checkmate really is a lightning method of transforming your entire business, based on real market and competitive intelligence rather than whim.

2. Beat Your Competitors To It

There’s definitely first-mover advantage here. Wouldn’t it drive your competitors crazy if you suddenly started getting all the good traffic?

3. Limited Class Size

In order to insure plenty of one-on-one coaching and maintain a HIGH ENERGY mastermind environment, I'm only accepting 40 campers.

4. My  2-Phase Risk-Annihilating Money-Back Guarantee

Phase 1: If you come to Camp Checkmate and don't find it incredibly valuable and powerful by the end of the first day, I'll give you back every penny you paid me. (And you get to keep lunch ;)

Phase 2: If you do the assignments I give at Camp Checkmate and you don’t …

  • double your CTR, OR
  • slash your cost per click in half, OR
  • increase your AdWords-driven revenue by 20%

by the end of 2010, then I'll refund your entire tuition. (And you get to keep both lunches… ;)

How Much Does Camp Checkmate Cost?

Depends how long you take to make up your mind. The sooner I fill all the seats, the quicker I go from marketing mode to delivery mode (which is much more fun for me). So I'm going to offer some big incentives to get you to take action quickly. One seat at Camp Checkmate costs $2497. You can bring a key partner (spouse, business associate, etc.) for an additional $95 (to cover my hard costs).

But, there is a significant early bird discount.

If you register by May 31, you get the early bird rate of $1797, or three monthly payments of $632 (do the math and you'll see that the single payment includes a handsome "bookkeeping discount" of $99). Register now and save $700 over the full retail price of $2497.

Ready for Camp?

Click the Add to Cart button below that's best for you. On the next page, if you're bringing a colleague, add the $95 additional ticket at the bottom of the page.

Camp Checkmate US $2497 $1797
(until May 31)
Payment Options
Option 1: Single Payment

Option 2: 3 Installments (PayPal not available.)

Three monthly payments of: $632


Wishing you health, happiness and prosperity,


P.S. Camp Checkmate only costs $1797 – until May 31. How much is it worth to you to double your CTR and improve your conversion rate? What is all that additional QUALIFIED traffic worth to you per month?

P.P.S. If you've attended a really rocking Mastermind session before, you know the value of that energy. All those brains buzzing together, creating something far greater than any of us can do on our own. If you haven't yet, you're in for a huge treat. Make this the year you stop "going it alone" and let the universe propel you forward.

P.P.P.S. Not sure if Camp Checkmate is right for you? Drop me a line at checkmate AT askhowie DOT com and let me know your situation. I won't try to convince you if I don't truly believe Camp Checkmate will be the best thing for you.

Click here to reserve your place now.

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