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Advanced AdWords Ad Writing Questions

When we write ads, we generally think about the problems our prospects face, and the solutions they want.

But there’s another layer to the onion; the way they want to change their feeling-state.

These two questions can help you write better ads, and also will aid in the design and copy decisions you make regarding your landing page.

Hey, Howie Jacobson here with a quick tip for you if you are writing AdWords ads.

So, one of the things we’re taught in marketing is to focus on features and benefits, to give people a sense of what’s in it for them.  And, so when we think about search, we often think about, well what’s the goal they’re trying to achieve, what do they want, how do they want it, and then we advertise something that’s going to get them there.

And that is a perfectly valid way to think about it, but I want to take this one step deeper and think about search a little bit differently.  Search is actually the way people move from one feeling state to another.  That’s the only reason we search.  That’s the only reason we do anything, to replace one feeling with a different feeling.

So, as you’re looking at the Google search results page and you’re also simultaneously holding in mind the image of your avatar, the ideal customer, the person who wants what you have, here’s two questions to ask yourself.

How is that person feeling now?  In the midst of their search, in the midst of their uncertainty, in the midst of their not being able to get what they want or to know what they want or to feel a sense of certainty or closure.  How do they feel about that right now?

And how do they want to feel when the search is completed successfully?  When they’ve got what they want, when they understand the landscape, when they’re ready to make a decision.

So, as you’re thinking about that, you want to write the ad that will promise them, as much as possible, the end feeling.

Sometimes you’re ad wants to acknowledge the initial feeling with a question in the headline.  Worried, scared, frightened, upset, eager.  And sometimes you just may want to say keywords that will clue people in to the feeling they’re going to get later.  Safety, security, you know, definite words that are about security, words that are about confidence, words that are about empowerment.

So, it’s just another layer to improve you ad writing, to think about those questions.  How do they feel now?  What’s the feeling they want to get rid of?  And what’s the feeling they want to obtain?

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Facebook Ad Bidding: CPC or CPM?

Here’s a video explaining and demonstrating the Comparison Calculator for Facebook Ad Bidding.

For best results, click the Fullscreen button at the bottom right of the video player.

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Google’s Insights for Search Tool

This keyword tool is a great way to get a panoramic view of a market. Watch the short video tutorial, then go and play with the search tool.

For best playback, click the Fullscreen button at the bottom right of the player.

Here’s the tool itself:

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Google AdWords Contextual Targeting Tool

The new Contextual Targeting Tool helps you create very smart ad groups for the Display Network. And maybe for the search networks as well.

Enjoy the video (for best playback, click the Fullscreen button at the bottom right of the player), and please leave a comment or question below.

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AdWords vs. Organic Search: Why Bother With Expensive Clicks?

A reader wonders, "Why should I bother with AdWords when I just click on the organic listings? Wouldn't it be better if I could just get a top organic listing, and that way I wouldn't have to pay Google for traffic?"

Excellent question! Here's my answer:


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Transcript of video:

Hi, Howie Jacobson here staring at my camera, pretending it's you. I got a question from a reader, Jane, who wants to know: "Why should I bother with AdWords putting ads on the Google search results page when, when I go to Google, I just click one of the top organic listings? Why should I bother with an ad if people like me prefer the organic listings to the ads?

So a lot of people do that. They ignore the ads and just look at the listings. Some studies of how much things get clicked on search results pages show that the top organic listing can get 40, 50, or 60 percent of all the clicks on the page.

So an AdWords ad that only gets one to five percent of the clicks is clearly not going to be as significant as getting that top organic position. So if you were to ask me: "Should I get the top organic position for a keyword?" I'd say absolutely, no reason not to.

Now, the question is can you? How long will it take you? How much money and time will it cost you? Is there an easier way to get onto that page? So if the answer is no, you can't get onto the page organically, then you can buy your way on with AdWords, which is one of the chief functions.

Another function of AdWords is once you've gotten onto the organic listings how do you know what your listing should say. You have the choice. You get to create the title tag, and you get to create the description line which will be the listing, the thing that's going to compel people to click or not.

You can use AdWords to very easily test messages so that when you are, in fact, ready to be in the top organic position or anywhere on that page organically, you know what text to use to get the click.

And finally, if you have that top organic position, most people find that bidding on the same keyword for AdWords actually gives them a boost in both cases. So they're not cannibalizing the free clicks with the expensive clicks. They're actually getting more and making more profit.

So I hope that answers your question. I see you have another question, which I will answer in another video. So everybody, thanks for watching. Have a great day.

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