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Executive Summary: Sign up below for the complete pre-Camp Checkmate training series that will turn you into an AdWords ninja, or samurai, or black belt, or ballerina, or dominatrix, or whatever metaphor turns you on.


What if you could write an ad that generates twice the traffic at half the price?

  • Have you ever sat in front of your computer, trying to compose an effective AdWords ad, with absolutely no idea what to write?
  • Are you frustrated that your ads just don’t do the job: few clicks, and fewer sales?
  • Are you tired of reading well-meaning advice on ad writing that just doesn’t apply to your market?
  • Or have you been struggling to beat your control ad for months or even years?

If you’re nodding your head in self-recognition at any of this, come join me for a series of free lessons designed just for you. It’s called the Camp Checkmate pre-camp training series. It includes tutorials, Checkmate exercises, interviews with experts, live calls and web clinics, and live group coaching.

And if you miss one of the live events, I’ll send you the recording later.

An Entire Course for Free? What’s the Catch?

Good question. The catch is, I want you to consider attending Virtual Camp Checkmate starting November 6, 2012. To convince you that it will be worth the time and money and travel, I’m pulling out all the stops. Think of the training series as a test-drive of Virtual Camp Checkmate.

Now, this is certainly overkill, as I’m only selling 100 seats to Virtual Camp Checkmate, and a bunch of them have already been sold.

How to Register

Register for this Pre-Camp Checkmate training series for free, simply by providing your first name and email address in the form below and clicking the “Let me register for the AdWords Checkmate Training” button. Once you register, you’ll receive the first installment immediately.

Are you ready for the signup form? Here it is…

Howie Who?

Howie Jacobson, PhD, co-founder of the Vitruvian marketing agency, is the co-author of Google AdWords For Dummies, published by Wiley and available wherever fine books, cheesy calendars, and overpriced brownies are sold.

Howie has been teaching students and advising clients on profiting from AdWords since 2003, which is like 28 years in the real world.

He has taught internet marketing and sales strategy at the Glazer-Kennedy Peak Performers Meeting, Ken McCarthy’s System Seminar, Perry Marshall’s AdWords Seminar, Early To Rise Conferences, Vital Learning’s annual conference, and to private clients in North America, Europe and Africa.

He is the creator of Leads into Gold, a home-study course on direct marketing and lead generation, and is a co-creator of The System Seminar’s Smart Beginners Course.

He is the creator of the Look Over My Shoulder (LOMS) AdWords Success Video Series and the AdWords Checkmate Method.

Howie also runs, a web resource for parents trying to raise fit and healthy kids in a crazy-busy world. When he has a minute. And he’s also the secret alter-ego of The

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