Lesson #4: Getting Emotional with Jaguar

Camp Checkmate Lesson #4: Getting Emotional with Jaguar

In the last lesson we talked about using the Matrix to get into Tactical / Serpent state. When we're beating our heads against the wall trying to solve an old problem, Serpent is a great place to go to "cleanse our mental palate" and start afresh.

But all four perceptual states can be useful to us as we attempt to appeal to our ideal customers. Today I want to share an exercise that will get you into the second perceptual state, Emotional / Jaguar.

Meet the Jaguar

Jaguar corresponds to our mammalian brain, the one that concerns itself with feeling states. This brain developed to help us accomplish the four Fs of life: feeding, fighting, fleeing, and making love ;)

It's all about whether we feel safe, scared, angry, desperate, or hungry for pleasure.

In other words, it's the default state driving our customer's behavior, whether they're aware of it or not.

Using Jaguar to Connect to Our Ideal Customers

When we as marketers get into Jaguar, we come into deep empathy with our customers. We feel their fears, their desperation, their longing, their hunger for having things better than they are right now.

And from this perceptual state, we almost invariably make an astounding discovery about our AdWords competitors: they write ads as if the Jaguar state does not exist.

Features and benefits, but no emotions. No tugging of heart strings. No empathy with the epic struggles and desires fueling the search.

As Drayton Bird, legendary direct marketing copywriter says, "If they don't cry, they won't buy."

How to Get in Touch with Our Customer's Jaguar

I've written a short tutorial on mind-melding with your Ideal Customer. Find it at:


Take 10 minutes to go through the exercise, and you'll be amazed at what you come up with.

Once you've done that, you'll have a little taste of the power of Camp Checkmate.

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Wishing you health, happiness, and prosperity,


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