Dear Doctor Freud – Live Instructions

Why Aren't They Buying? Doctor Freud Knows

The landing page is the hardest thing to get right.

Ads are actually pretty easy, once you've practiced Checkmate for a while.

But landing pages are what separate the winner from the losers.

Craft a landing page that speaks to your prospect, makes them feel comfortable, draws them in, stokes their desire, and leads them to action – and you've got an online business.

Miss the mark and you're sending expensive AdWords clicks straight into a brick wall.

While your landing page needs to do all the things listed above, it's primary task in a search-based environment is to answer objections.

The Importance of Answering Objections

The old sales formula, AIDA, stands for Attention – Interest – Desire – Action.

Very useful, and yet incomplete in an AdWords world.

You see, the third step, desire, is already there. You're not tapping an oblivious random person on the shoulder and trying to sell them a winter coat, or a printer cartridge, or a personal development course.

They already searched for a solution to a problem, and already clicked your ad.

You can assume desire.

You can focus, refine, and fan the flames of that desire, but in most cases you don't need to create it. It's already there, and it's strong enough in the moment to have fueled their search.

What you need to do is remove all the reasons their desire isn't enough.

Approach-Avoidance: Part of Human Nature

We all experience approach-avoidance to some degree.

We want romance, but we don't want entanglements.

We want wealth, but we don't want our friends and family to judge us or treat us differently if we have a lot of money.

We want to renovate the kitchen, but we can't stand the thought of the mess and bother until it's done.

Approach-avoidance is a huge part of the search-driven sales process.

No matter how badly your prospect may want what you've got, at the same time they're afraid of making a mistake, getting judged harshly for that mistake (either self-inflicted or by others), feeling stupid, getting burned, spending more money than they think something is worth, buying something that isn't just right, and so on.

And all these fears come from past experiences your prospect has had, imagined, or been told about.

If you don't know what these fears are, you can't address them effectively.

Then you have no choice but to abandon the most important job in the sales process – the easing of these fears – to your prospect.

It's like you're Bob Newhart at two and a half minutes into the following skit:

Funny, but sad if that's what your landing page is doing.

"STOP IT" is not going to make many sales, or convert many fearful prospects.

Dear Doctor Freud

Instead, I recommend that you take a stance more like Sigmund Freud's, to explore the objections and where they came from.

At Camp Checkmate, the most popular exercise is called "Dear Doctor Freud."

It lasts about an hour, and it's one of the most raucous and laughter-filled parts of the workshop. But don't let that fool you – some of the most important work of the whole two days is happening in that hour.

Here are the Dear Doctor Freud instructions from a recent Camp Checkmate. Feel free to gather two or three friends and go through it with them.

Or – and here's what I strongly recommend – clear your calendar for a couple of days, and attend a live Camp Checkmate (or "Checkmate 3D", as I like to think of it) and get the full value and power of this and all the other exercises.

Do the math for yourself – what would a 25% increase in your landing page conversion rate do for your business?

If you've been going around in circles, making chances without really diving deeply into the heart and mind of your prospect, it's time to stop wasting time and get down to business.

Camp Checkmate is the only environment I know that will shake you out of your vagueness and get you out of your own head, and insert you directly into the deepest fears and desires of your ideal customer.

And that's a really powerful place to sell – and serve – from.

Register here to reserve your seat.

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