The AdWords Secret of the Howling Dog

An old joke from the South:

Man rocking on the porch in the evening, next to his dog, who's lying down and howling miserably.

Neighbor finally can't stand it, walks over and asks, "Fred, what's with your dog?"

Fred replies, "Gideon's lyin' on a rusty nail."

Neighbor wonders, "Well, why don't he git up, then?"

Fred explains, "Doesn't hurt enough yet."

Search Happens When It Hurts Enough Yet

That joke contains a significant AdWords secret: people only search for a solution to their problem when it hurts enough yet.

Which means, they don't search until something triggers them to get up off the porch and do something about whatever pain or longing they've been passively suffering until now.

For example, take a search like get out of debt.

Get out of debt search

Check out the top two ads. Both of them assume the searcher is struggling with significant debt. Twenty or thirty thousand dollars or more.

This tells us a couple of things.

First, nobody searches for get out of debt the first time their bills exceed their bank balance.

Nobody goes, "Oh shoot, I'm $43 in the hole, I'd better handle this debt thing right now."

Second, the trigger that both these ads respond to is passing a milestone number. The debt can grow and grow over time, but when it hits $20k, something happens to a bunch of people.

They go, "Twenty effing thousand dollars, I'd better do something NOW!"

When you understand the search trigger, you are suddenly a much more effective marketer. Both ads target searchers whose "Search Trigger" was a milestone number.

An amount that made them sit up, take notice, and say, "Enough!"

"It hurts enough yet."

Identifying the Search Trigger

That's all easy enough to say, but how on earth do you figure out what the search trigger is.

At Camp Checkmate, there's an entire exercise just devoted to this question.

The answers people get are often surprising and empowering. Listen to one participant, John Chancellor, who found the Trigger exercise to be the most powerful one of the entire workshop:

Three Reasons to Come to Camp Checkmate

John just gave three powerful reasons to attend Camp Checkmate.

1. It's interactive, not lecture-based.

You don't come home with pages full of notes and nothing done.

2. It's a small, intimate group.

The interactions with ALL the other participants are incredibly valuable. Unlike the big seminars, you form relationships and exchange valuable coaching and advice with lots of other people.

3. Powerful exercises.

The content of Camp Checkmate is unlike what you'll find anywhere else. After going through the Trigger exercise, participants are better able to tailor their message to to what's going on in their prospects' mind.

Each exercise is designed to transform some aspect of your online marketing. Not tweak, not inform, but transform.

Breakthroughs happen at Camp Checkmate.

Isn't it time for yours?

Check for upcoming workshops and seat availability here.

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