Lesson #2: Write a new ad based on the Matrix

Camp Checkmate Lesson #2: Write a New Ad Based on the Matrix

By now I hope you've completed the Checkmate Matrix for one of your most important keywords. (If you haven't, please go to http://askhowie.com/ccm/matrix for instructions and a download.)

So now you may be wondering, "What do I do with it?"

Two suggestions:

1. Look for Visual Opportunities

Take a look at your completed Matrix without thinking too hard. Just notice the patterns – columns without much writing in them, columns that are over full…

For example, in most markets, there are very few ads with true benefits. Overt benefits, that stand up and play a bugle call and wave their hands in the air saying, "Look at me! Look at me!"

Most ads have implied benefits, or hidden benefits, or teeny-weeny "who gives a —-?" benefits.

One way to stand out on Google is to include big bold benefits when none of your competitors is doing so.

2. Create a Frankenstein ad

With the Matrix in one hand and the printout of the Google SERP in the other, identify the 2-3 best ads of your competitors.

Now see if you can take the best concepts and phrases and tactics from each one and cobble together a "Frankenstein ad." For example, you might borrow "free shipping" from one and "billions and billions sold" from another.

Don't be Mechanical

These are two examples of how to use the Matrix by itself. But I want to stress that being mechanical, just following instructions, is not a recipe for success.

There may be a good reason none of your competitors is touting benefits, for example. If the product is well understood by your market, there may not be a need to go into the benefits. Instead, the important differentiation might be based on features – different ways of getting the same benefit.

In mature markets like weight loss, you can say "lose weight" only so many ways. The top marketers work on describing their particular method, rather than hyping the end goal:

  • "Follow this one strange rule"
  • "Eat everything you like"
  • "Never feel hungry"

The real power of the Matrix comes from combining it with Avatar creation, which we'll get to in a future message.

Of course, the easiest way to experience all this is Camp Checkmate, June 10-11 in Chicago.


Here's why: when you do this work on your own, you're doing, well, work.

At Camp Checkmate we play games that get you better results, easier and faster. It literally doesn't even feel like you're working. You're just playing around with other people's businesses, playing make-believe, and out come insights and marketing strategies that nobody could have predicted.

You walk away with your marketing practically done for you, by other people.

Don't believe me? Watch this short video montage of reactions to a 1-hour Camp Checkmate workshop at the System Seminar in April 2010:


Wishing you health, happiness and prosperity,


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