Lesson #6: Seeing Like an Eagle

Camp Checkmate Lesson #6: Seeing Like an Eagle

Sometimes, in the heat of the Checkmate process, you get an ad that's so good, so compelling, and so attractive to your ideal customer that you just can't wait until the end of the workshop to implement it. You just know it's going to set you so far apart from the competition that it just can't lose.

There's only one itsy-bitsy, teensy-weensy problem with this new ad.

It ain't true.

Now what?

When Your Ad is Better Than Your Reality

It's actually a pretty common occurrence, especially when a big company hires an ad agency to produce their marketing.

You start seeing slogans like "The Right Relationship is Everything" for a bank that treats its customers like dog meat.

So of course, we're all used to empty marketing promises and the inevitable disappointment that ensues. So much so that we refuse to believe most advertising in the first place.

And that's the problem – because the AdWords ad is, essentially, a promise.

If you start making promises you can't keep, you have to run a business based on churn, with the vast majority of your customers coming in as expensive new leads rather than repeat and referral business, which costs nothing. 

So ethics aside, lying is bad business if you rely on AdWords for leads.

Change Your Reality

Eugene Schwartz tackled this problem head-on in Breakthrough Advertising. He advised professional copywriters:

"Most great copy claims come from the assembly line. If yours does not, if your copy is better than your product, then send it to your client instead of your prospect, and tell him to make it a reality."


Back to Checkmate

The Checkmate method practically begs you to create ads that are better than your product. By focusing on your ideal customer, and on outdoing your competitors, you probably will end up with an ad that contains a brilliant idea that simply isn't true about your business.


Some ideas are just plain impractical – like me flying to your home or office and sitting down at your computer and setting up your AdWords account for $37, including travel.

Others are impossible: like me renting a Holland American cruise ship and doing a 3-month Checkmate Cruise.

But these crazy "stretch-ideas" can serve as the basis for real ideas that might actually work.

(In fact, the first idea led to the creation of the Look Over Your Shoulder AdWords Success Videos, which sells for only slight more than $37, and puts me at your computer, showing you exactly how to do profitable AdWords stuff. And you don't have to clean your office before I show up.)

Does the second idea suggest a real breakthrough that I might consider for my business? (Let me know if anything jumps out at you that I'm not seeing ;)

See Like an Eagle

The fourth perceptual state is that of Eagle, who soars high above the landscape and sees mountains and oceans that those of us on the ground have only heard about.

Eagle is the visionary, always looking to the next horizon, always integrating the details to form the big picture – hence the phrase "Eagle-eye".

Most of the time, we inhibit our Eagle perception. We stay on the ground, attending to business as usual. 

And that's appropriate – if we never touch down, build our nest one twig at a time, or feed and care for our young (business), we aren't grounded enough to benefit from the great soaring flights of imagination that take us to the next level.

But if we never soar, we miss the greatest opportunities to create, to serve, and to play.

That's why the end of the second day of Camp Checkmate integrates all the details (Serpent), emotions (Jaguar), and strategies (Hummingbird) into an invitation to visionary perception of what is not yet, and what could yet be.

Camp Checkmate Chicago: June 10-11, 2010

40 Campers

2 Days

(Lunch included)

Treat yourself: http://CampCheckmate.com

And your business will treat you back.

Wishing you health, happiness, prosperity, and a set of powerful wings and eyes,


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