Why Live Chat is the Secret to More Sales

by Ari Galper, Founder of Chatwise, (http://www.ChatWise.com)

When you’re a website owner, you actually have a “store” that’s open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. People are visiting all the time. And when they arrive, they find the shelves fully “stocked,” the floors spotlessly clean, and there’s no waiting at the checkout lane. Everything’s picture-perfect.

But … who’s minding your store?

If you’ve been managing your website in the traditional way, you probably haven’t considered whether someone’s actually “there” for your potential customers.

That’s because traditional internet marketing gurus have focused on creating a system that’s supposed to work pretty much automatically for you.

We’ve been told that we can treat a website almost like an internet vending machine and never talk to a human being.

And to some extent, that’s true. Out of every one hundred people who visit, there are one or two (three if you’re lucky) who will actually buy something without your having to do a thing.

But what’s happening with the other 98% who leave and never return?

If you’ve been doing things traditional way, you haven’t really focused on these people. Instead you’ve been looking at increasing traffic, because most online business owners pour money into new traffic as their sole means of increasing sales.

It’s the old “numbers game” mentality.

The truth is that you can lose an astonishing amount of sales because of this mindset.

A New Sales Mindset

When you expand your view of the internet and realize that your website is a real store that’s literally open all the time, you also realize that it would be wise to have someone manning your store.

People are “coming in” every day (around the clock), and if you don’t have someone there for them to talk to, you’re losing money, period.

It’s a shocking realization for most online entrepreneurs.

You see, the problem isn’t the traffic count, it’s the conversion rate.

The truth is that most visitors don’t do well with sheer automation, and yet most websites are set up exactly like that.

Click here, read there, go here. And if the written pitch is persuasive enough, maybe some people will buy what you have to offer.

But most won’t. Almost all of your website visitors are leaving without purchasing anything.

Live Chat – A Key Strategy To Increasing Online Conversion

And that’s why it’s important to have live chat on your website.

A picture, a human face, a personal touch, dispels the mechanical flavor of it all.

We humans respond to other humans much better than we do to copy and graphics, no matter how “optimized” it is.

When you bring a real live person “into your store” who cares about helping your website visitors, now the possibility for a personal connection begins to unfold.

You’ve probably spent some measurable money getting this person to visit your site, so it just makes sense to have someone waiting for them when they arrive.

My Results With Live Chat

Personally, I had that “dream” of creating an almost automatic source of revenue with my own website.

I really thought it would work just like they said it would.

But over time I realized that most visitors really need human-to-human contact as part of their decision making process.

So I took the plunge and added live chat, even though I was worried I’d be on call all the time. And I also wondered if I’d end up giving away too much information in the chat conversations themselves.

But I created my own “systems” to manage these things, and sales increased by leaps and bounds. Twenty times more than before, by only doubling my traffic.

What made all the difference was live chat and the different ways I learned to use it.

Live Chat – A Highly Sensitive Medium

You see, as great a tool as live chat is, it has to be used wisely or you’ll actually chase people away.

You’ll want to avoid sounding like a “sales person” asking, how can I help you?

After all, how do most of us respond to that question? We’re “just looking,” as we try to avoid eye contact.

When we’re shopping we don’t want to be pressured. But we do like human connection, and if it’s comfortable we’ll stick around.

With live chat, your visitors now have the opportunity to engage a real person if they want to.

Human-to-human connection has been essential to businesses throughout history, and that’s why even cost-conscious giant like Wal-Mart actually hire “hosts” to make a personal connection with their store visitors.

Using live chat to make personal contact with your website visitors is a very powerful conversion tool, and your online business could benefit from it tremendously, but only if you know how to use it wisely.

About the author: Ari Galper is the creator of ChatWise®, the only training program that teaches you how to turn live chat into a sales tool and profit center. To watch a FREE video of Ari teaching his “10 Secrets of Online Conversion Even the Gurus Don’t Know!” visit: http://www.ChatWise.com.

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