Of all the live chat technology providers, LivePerson has been in business the longest, have the strongest record of customer support, and the tightest security to prevent unauthorized access and account mischief. Click this link for a special deal – a 20% discount for as long as you use LivePerson. (They like me :)

Here’s their Boilerplate list of benefits, which I can attest to personally:

More than 5,000 Small & Midsize Business (SMB) customers are using LivePerson’s award-winning live chat and contact center solutions to improve online sales, deliver live help and manage interactions across all channels: chat, voice, email, and self-service/knowledgebase. 

Increase conversion rates: visitors who chat are three times more likely to buy, and their average order sizes are 35% higher than non-chatters 

Improve customer satisfaction: chatters are twice as likely to return to the same website within a day, and exit surveys reveal that 85-90% of chatters rate their service experiences as “good” or “excellent” 

Lower service costs and improve productivity: Shifting service requests from phone to chat can reduce the average cost per interaction by 80%. 

Visit their website for a quick demo of LivePerson’s affordable and easy-to-use live chat, email management, VoIP click-to-talk, and self-service/knowledgebase products!


Ari Galper’s business for LivePerson customers, ChatWise, offers two services: "Best Practices" live chat education for the do-it-yourselfers out there, as well as an outsourced network of live chat operators who can actually field chats from your site so you don’t have to do it yourself or hire and train your own staff. Ari’s a great guy, and has put a lot of thought, work, and experience behind his system.

I hear from clients who tell me, "I tried live chat and it didn’t work." In almost every case, it was the approach, not the medium itself, that failed. It’s a little like some guy saying, "I tried talking to women in person but I didn’t get any phone numbers. That ‘in person’ stuff doesn’t work." Dude, first check your intentions, then check your technique.

Ari’s a master of both in the selling space. I highly recommend ChatWise, whether you want training or a competent staff.


Ari shared an article about how to use live chat with us – find it here.

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