Introducing A Completely Overlooked, Powerful AdWords Strategy to Dramatically Increase Your Clicks, Reduce Your Costs, & Increase Your Profits… Even In Hyper-Competitive Markets!

Introducing the Checkmate Method of “Game Over” Ad Creation

Perry Marshall,

“The AdWords Checkmate strategy is vital to competing in PPC these days. I wish I’d thought of it.”

Dear AdWords Friend,

Have you ever sat in front of your computer, trying to compose an effective AdWords ad, with absolutely no idea what to write?

Are you frustrated that your ads just don’t do the job? Few clicks, and fewer sales?

Are you tired of reading well-meaning advice on ad writing that just doesn’t apply to your market?

Or have you been struggling to beat your control ad for months or even years?

If so, then you need to know about this powerful AdWords strategy that can get you higher click through rates and more targeted visitors to your site – and if you don’t know about it, it’s probably costing you BIG money.

This strategy has the ability to…

  • Increase your click through rate by as much as double
  • Cut your cost-per-click up to 49.7%, slashing your AdWords spend
  • Improve the quality of the traffic to your site, leading to more conversions and sales
  • Dramatically increase your profitability

That means for every dollar you currently spend on Google, you now have the ability to squeeze more profit from the same traffic.

The best part is how simple this new method is to implement. Understand how it works, and you can start deploying it yourself in under an hour, regardless of your niche.

Mark Lyon,
Audio Systems

“The ad we wrote using Checkmate is getting about twice the number of clicks that the previous winner had been getting! So, big success. There is no doubt that the Checkmate method is contributing to both sales and income.”

It’s a simple, but extraordinarily powerful method for taking a definite AdWords POSITION in your market, based upon time-tested, proven principles of marketing the majority of pay per click marketers are completely ignoring!

And because first-to-market can almost always hold the 1st position in the consumer’s mind, this is most definitely a limited opportunity… one you can OWN to the exclusion of your competition if you’re the first to use it in your market.

In other words, you’ll want to get in on this before a business rival in the same niche does, especially if you’re spending over a hundred bucks a month on Google AdWords.

There are only so many spots for grabs on page one of Google’s (and Yahoo’s, and MSN’s) PPC results page in your market … and as far as I can tell this strategy has been all but completely overlooked by even top notch marketers.

This almost always makes a huge difference to your bottom line, and seriously increases the amount of profit you take home each month.

“I’ve been told I’m a good teacher, and I’d much rather teach than write sales letters. So even though this is a sales letter for the Checkmate Method, I’ve written it to teach you some pretty important AdWords concepts. If you want to buy at the end, that’s cool. (Actually, that’s more than cool – it’s awesome. Heck, it’s the reason I’m writing this.) But even if you don’t give Checkmate a try, you’ll get an advanced marketing education just from reading this.”

Imagine this scene from a 1950s movie:

The most beautiful girl in an elegant Southern town has let it be known that she is looking for a gentleman escort for the debutante ball. She will be on her porch on Saturday morning if any young gentlemen would care to apply.

At 9am, there’s a crowd of about 19 young men on her stoop, all jostling to get her attention. They’re all dressed in clean khakis and white button-down shirts. Their hair is combed. They’ll all holding identical bouquets of flowers.

That’s the Google Search Results Page.

Checkmate will show you exactly how to stand out on that page, so the 19 young men are left scratching their heads, wondering how you instantly attracted the belle and won the right to escort her to the ball.

Checkmate is NOT about High CTR

Before I describe Checkmate in mouthwatering, credit-card inducing detail, let me clear up one big misconception about effective AdWords ads:

The higher your CTR, the better.

Sometimes true. But not always. (Yes, I know that’s maddeningly unhelpful. But keep reading to discover a powerful model that will help you find the perfect CTR for your ad.)

There’s one huge advantage to a high CTR ad: the higher your CTR, the less you pay per click. Google gives you a high quality score and stacks the deck so your ad appears in the most coveted positions at the lowest cost.

(Think about it – the more clicks, the more money Google makes. Doesn’t it make sense that they would reward your ad by displaying it more prominently if that rings their cash register?)

So you need to write an ad that attracts enough clicks to keep your click prices reasonable for the ad position you want.

But most of the time, I’m writing ads specifically intended to lower my CTR.


What the …?

What am I talking about?

Here’s a graphical representation of all the searches for your most important keyword.

howie keyword search graph

The big outside circle represents all the searches done by people who will never do business with you. The ones you want to completely ignore your ad, so they don’t click and cost you money.

The little circle in the middle represents your best prospects. The ones you want to visit your site.

Some AdWords courses teach you to get a high CTR by writing really appealing ads. Big promises. Lots of benefits. Great offers. Urgency tactics like “today only”.

That’s cool, if your business goal is a high CTR. Like, if you want to go to the bank and deposit CTR into your savings account. Or if you want to use CTR to pay for dinner at a nice restaurant.

Picture this New Yorker-style cartoon: a tuxedoed waiter in a fancy restaurant brings the check and stands over the table, waiting. The man at table, fumbling with an empty wallet, asks, “Do you accept a 4.5% CTR?”

Point taken? Dead horse flogged?

If you use the standard high-CTR-ad tactics, what you’re really doing is increasing the number of bad clicks, along with the good ones. And since there are so many more unqualified searches than qualified ones, you’re throwing away money.

Checkmate Allows You to Laser Target the Good Clicks

When you use Checkmate you get to cherrypick the clicks from the Inner Circle. So you get high CTR from the qualified prospects and low CTR from the unwashed masses. Google likes you because you still get clicks. And you like you because the clicks you get lead to money in your bank account.

Now picture the same cartoon as above, except this time the man has a wad of cash.

Much better, huh?

So What Is This Checkmate Method?

Checkmate is the combination of three fundamental marketing tools:

  1. Positioning
  2. SWOT Analysis
  3. Relativity

Let’s look at each of these in turn.

1. Tool #1: Positioning

Positioning is a marketing concept made famous by Ries and Trout in their 1980 book, Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind. I know you’ve heard about it, and you’ve meant to read it, but somehow you just haven’t gotten to it yet ;)

So let me give you the Cliff Notes version, as it applies to the Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

When a prospect is searching Google, they’re basically looking for the fastest, safest path to relief. As soon as they start searching, their primary goal becomes to STOP searching as soon as possible. Their question, as they gaze at the overwhelming number of organic and paid listings on the SERP, is “Which one should I click?”

And it turns out that most people don’t spend a ton of time to make that decision. You quickly scan the listings and one of them just “clicks” with you. So you click with it. (See if this seems true to you, based on your experience as a searcher.)

That ad succeeded because it positioned the subsequent website as the fastest, safest path to relief. Somehow, in four short lines, the ad managed to convey a difference, a feeling of confidence, and a good fit between your unique situation and their solution.

When you understand the anatomy of positioning, you’ll stop writing “me-too” ads that only serve to make your competition stand out as the obvious choice.

2. SWOT Analysis

Checkmate is based on classic, time-tested SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis used in business schools since Karl Marx was in Pampers. Checkmate shows you how to apply SWOT methodology in a quick and systematic way to your competitive PPC landscape – in minutes, not the hours or days it takes a professional management consultant to go through the entire SWOT rigamarole with you.

SWOT has been in my belt for many years, ever since I did organization development work about a decade ago. But only in the last 2 years did it occur to me that SWOT was a powerful ad writing tool, and not just a whiteboard exercise designed to impress clients.

3. Relativity

Here’s a quote that explains the guts of relativity:

“Humans rarely choose things in absolute terms… Rather, we focus on the relative advantage of one thing over another…”

Dan Ariely
Predictably Irrational

Predictably Irrational is one of the most significant business books of the last 20 years (and it’s a fun read).

If you have read it, do you know how it applies to AdWords?

Turns out, AdWords is the perfect perfect PERFECT medium for what Ariely calls “relativity” – the strange fact that humans make decisions using only the information that is in front of us at the decision-making moment.

You see, searchers are overwhelmed by the search experience, and instead of bringing the entire range of their knowledge and experiences to bear to solve a problem, their brains enforce simplicity by limiting consideration to what’s right in front of their noses on the search results page.

In other words, searchers are making a decision about which ad to click based in large part on the other listings on the search results page. If you’re not putting your ads through the Checkmate method, you’re ignoring the most important factor in getting the click.

“Hi Howie, Just had to tell you. I didn’t even finish the entire process of using your AdWords Checkmate Matrix for my first keyword. Just knew I had to go write a new ad. The first test ad gave me back my investment in your product almost immediately. This thing completely removed the blinders and took me down a whole new path. Thanks for making it so simple!”

Richard Mouser
Mr. Water Filter
Helping you Find the Right Filter

Checkmate is Quick

When I started selling home study courses, I learned that the bigger the box, the higher the perceived value. And I’m not the only person who learned that, apparently. You can’t turn around in your inbox these days without tripping over a new “Must Have” online marketing course that includes 16 DVDs, 32 CDs, 4 binders, 17 free reports, 12 mind maps, and a branded bobblehead.

That’s great. I too love comprehensive education.

But that’s not what Checkmate is.

Instead, I created Checkmate so that you can use it to write better ads within two hours of opening the box.

It’s a highly effective method, and it doesn’t require months or years of training or hundreds of pages of background reading before you can use it.

Checkmate is Relevant Everywhere

Yes, it’s about AdWords. But once you grasp the simple principles and master the Checkmate Matrix (oooh, doesn’t that sound exciting), you’ll instinctively and effortlessly start using it wherever you find your marketing in competition with its environment. That is, whenever you don’t have your prospect’s undivided attention. That is, just about everywhere.

In newspaper ads. Billboards. Supermarket shopping cart placards. Your elevator speech at the local Chamber of Commerce breakfast. Etc. Etc. Etc.

Checkmate is Quick and Simple – Don’t Let That Fool You

Checkmate is a simple method that trains your mind to quickly spot your opportunity in any competitive landscape, no matter how cluttered. There’s always an ideal position – and usually it’s obvious once you find it. Once you become a Marketing Chess Master, you’ll spot that positioning and stake it out before your competition even realizes they’re playing a game of chess.

Checkmate is simple, so it’s easy to learn.

A lot of business “gurus” make their living taking simple things and making them complicated (it’s good for the consulting business if everyone thinks you’re a genius but nobody can actually understand you or implement your advice without you).

Checkmate saves lots of time. Most business owners have heard about SWOT, but won’t take the time to do a full-blown SWOT analysis.

Once you spend 2 hours listening and/or reading the manual, you’ll immediately be able to perform Checkmate in your market in about 30 minutes. The same day as you get Checkmate into your hands, you’ll create a new ad to test that will increase click-through rate and lower your customer acquisition cost.

Checkmate Slashes the “Trial and Error” Testing Phase

Checkmate gets you to AdWords profitability a lot faster than the traditional method of improvement: trial and error.

When I started with AdWords, my CTR was 0.07%. Over the next several months I deployed blind trial and error, and eventually got very profitable at 0.27% CTR.

Now that I understand and use the Checkmate principle, I can engineer improvements in days, rather than months or years.

Checkmate allows you to test faster and become profitable a lot sooner.

Dan Perach,

“As a successful PPC expert, I thought I knew everything there was to know about writing ads. Boy, was I wrong!”

“If you’re in a really competitive market, it’s just crazy not to use Checkmate. It takes more time than just ‘throwing up an ad’ – that’s definitely true. But if I’m paying big bucks for clicks, I want my ad to resonate with my target audience: unique value, credibility, and emotion. I’m so glad I invested the time and effort in Checkmate to elevate my creativity and competency.”

Checkmate is a Business Mindset that Applies Everywhere

Checkmate was born in the fire of AdWords, but you can apply it to just about any marketing situation. You’ll find yourself thinking “Checkmate” when you give a speech or introduce yourself at a networking event. You’ll think Checkmate when you have to create a newspaper or radio ad. When you create a brochure. When you redo your business card.

Checkmate is a way of thinking about how to stand out from your competition in ways that matter to your ideal prospects and only to your ideal prospects.

You can use Checkmate in two different ways.

Not only is Checkmate a way to write better ads, it will also point out areas where you can improve the inner reality of your business.

Checkmate is an invitation and step-by-step roadmap to reinvent your business in a way that makes it unique and competition-proof.

Do You Love (Your) Competition?

I do. I’ve always loved to compete, in sports, in music, in just about anything. I loved the extra intensity I would find when I was in the arena with someone else.

And as I’ve matured (hey, I’m 44, which puts me at the very tail end of male adolescence), I’ve come to love my competition. To appreciate how they push me to get better. To learn from them. To see in them a mirror of my own potential and shortcomings.

We all know that businesses without competition tend to suck. I sure as heck don’t want to run a sucky business.

It’s through competition that we discover who we are, and how we are ideally suited to serve our market.

Checkmate turbocharges the process of discovering who you are, and how to reach the customers you should be serving. At that point, competition has served its purpose and becomes irrelevant.

A Place Beyond Competition

In the market, I’m known as the AdWords For Dummies guy – the teacher who can quickly get you up to speed on AdWords. Ultimately, though, my clients pay me the big bucks to see the obvious beyond the confusion and busyness and clutter – to find a “Blue Ocean” place beyond cutthroat competition and shouting louder and louder to less and less effect. A place where there is no more competition, because they have defined and articulated their uniqueness.

You can outsource this responsibility to me (many clients gladly do this, bless them ;) and pay me a lot. When you outsource expertise, it costs.

Or you can allow me to teach you to do it yourself. In the manual. Through the CDs. With the tools. And, for a whole year, in the Chess Club.

Checkmate allows you to stand out on the Google SERP. In a sea of bland sameness, your ad will shine like a torch for your ideal prospects.

Here’s something else that may or may not be important to you. Most of us grow our businesses via compromise. We learn that we have to hide parts of ourselves, or do business with people we don’t really connect with to make our nut. Checkmate allows you to be who you are in Adwords and attract the people you want to do business with.

The Surprising Cascade Effect of Being Slightly Better…

In many cases, if you can squeeze just a little more from your pay per click advertising – even a few small percentage points – you reach what’s known as a tipping point:

Because you can afford more traffic, you get market intelligence faster than your competitors, and learn how to turn traffic into money better than they can!

Affiliates naturally gravitate towards you since you help them make more money with their traffic.

Large list owners seek you out and ask to promote your products because they know you have profitable promotions that earn cash.

You begin to make more sales and profits, yet you find yourself risking less and less of your own capital.

Profitability moves to an all-time high, and the amount of cash you can “take out” of your business each month becomes pleasantly surprising, even to you!

This technique can be the difference between making a few extra bucks, and earning the breakthrough online profits you deserve.

My Damaging Admission about Checkmate

Here’s the big problem with Checkmate: It’s really not in the least bit sexy.

No fancy tricks. No clever maneuvers. No mind-bending dynamic keyword insertion strategies, or fake-URL techniques, or any of that fun stuff.

And Checkmate requires some time, some thought, and some (gasp) work.

That’s the bad news.

But it’s also the good news. Because it means that most people simply won’t put in the time and effort to create “Game Over” ads through Checkmate positioning.

If you want to listen to a CD and then automatically make more money, then I’m afraid Checkmate is not going to work for you.

Checkmate is a mindset and methodology that will make your market research quicker, easier, and more effective. So you can write better ads that make you more money.

(I guess the “more money” part is sort of sexy… ;)

What You Get With Checkmate

Checkmate Fundamentals

Quick Start Guide (1 page!)

Ever buy a home-study course and get overwhelmed? The quick start guide shows you, step by step, how to get the most out of Checkmate in the least time. You’ll be writing awesome ads in a couple of hours by following these simple steps.

Checkmate Package

The Checkmate Matrix

The Matrix is a one-page blank table that’s the heart of the Checkmate method. You’ll use the matrix again and again to insert yourself into the sweet spot of your market for any given keyword. At first, you’ll complete a matrix in about 30 minutes. With a little practice, you’ll get it down to 5.

Checkmate Crash Course (Manual and CD)

Part 1: Checkmate Revealed

The single most important and overlooked factor in searcher’s decision-making process

The importance of the searcher’s “story” – and how to uncover it

The hidden search motivator: the trigger

How to balance relevance and difference in your ads

How to sneak through the filter in your prospect’s mind

Should you use the keyword in the headline? Some surprising advice

How to craft a powerful USP (and evaluate whether yours is up to snuff)

The nine elements of every ad (knowing these will allow you to evaluate any SERP in minutes and find your own Checkmate positioning)

A live example – applying Checkmate to the GMAT Prep market

Crash Course Review

Simple two-page fill in the blanks quiz to keep you focused on the most important concepts and skills. Complete this review as you read and/or listen to the Crash Course. (Comes with answer sheet – but no peaking ;)

Part 2: Checkmate in Action – Example, Analysis and Coaching

Checkmate Applications (Manual and CD)

Live Coaching in 3 Diverse Markets:

Goal Setting (selling education)

Backup Cameras (selling a physical product)

Septic Problems (selling a service and product)

Checkmate Tools (Manual, and Instructions on CD)

6 easy-to-complete tools that lead you to finding your unique Checkmate Voice, as well as the Tools “Personal Trainer” (step by step instructions to complete the tools)

The most powerful and overlooked ad writing technique is what I call “voice” – the way your prospect hears your ad in their head as they view it. The 6 Checkmate Tools allow you to put an attractive and unique voice into a 4 line pay per click ad that speaks directly to your customer. It cuts through the clutter of the page and makes your ad stand out like new white shoelaces under black light.

Bonus: The 7 Levels of Persuasion

There are 7 levels of persuasion that marketers use to convince prospects to buy. The 3 highest and most powerful levels are rarely used, and used correctly even less often. Discover them in this bonus recording.

Ready? Click here to get Checkmate now.

Deluxe Version

The deluxe version includes a valuable bonus: the digital version of the entire course.

Deluxe Bonus: Digital versions (mp3s and PDFs) of the manual and CDs

With the digital versions, you can get started immediately. You’ll get the box of stuff within a week, but with digital access you can be writing Game Over ads within a couple of hours. Why wait?

With the digital version, you can listen to the audios on your mp3 player, if you’re the sort of person who likes to learn while you exercise.

Also, with the digital version, you don’t need a Xerox machine to make extra copies of the tools and the Checkmate matrix. You can just open the file and print as many copies as you like.

Why Act Now?

1. Because Checkmate Works

The sooner you get started, the sooner you can benefit from the Game Over ads that tip the whole AdWords game in your favor.

2. Beat Your Competitors To It

There’s definite first-mover advantage here. Wouldn’t it drive your competitors crazy if you suddenly started getting all the good traffic?

3. Limited-Time Offer

I’m definitely going to be raising the price. Less than $500 for the power of Checkmate? That ain’t lasting long.

4. Risk-Annihilating Money-Back Guarantee

I want you to feel very comfortable making the decision to get Checkmate, so I’m taking away all of the risk. After all, no matter how many times I tell you that Checkmate is awesome, you’re still wondering:

“Does it really work?”

“Will it work for me?”

You shouldn’t have to take a leap of faith to discover if Checkmate really works. I think it’s only fair for you to be able to try Checkmate out for yourself and make sure it works. So . . .

I’m giving you 99 days to listen, learn, and test Checkmate out for yourself. If you don’t LOVE it, and actually see it working in the “Real World of AdWords” and getting you more leads and sales for less money, then you don’t have to keep it! Just return the package within the first 99 days, and I’ll give you a full refund and let you keep the bonus, The 7 Levels of Persuasion!

I know how fulfilling it is to make a great living online. And I know how frustrating and scary it feels to be “on the edge of a breakthrough” that just doesn’t seem to come. Checkmate is the missing piece of the AdWords puzzle – the method and tools you need to dominate your market. Please give Checkmate a try and watch your AdWords transformation take place!

Go for it…

Click here to get Checkmate now!

AdWords Checkmate Course Regular Deluxe
The AdWords Checkmate Matrix
Checkmate Quick Start Guide
Checkmate Crash Course
Checkmate Applied
Everything Printed, Packaged, and Shipped (includes 2 CDs)
Six Tools for Finding Your Checkmate Voice
The 7 Levels of Persuasion (MP3 and PDF)
Instant Access (PDFs and MP3s)
Price US$467 US$497
Payment Options
Option 1: Single Payment

Option 2: 3 Installments (PayPal not available.)
3 monthly payments of $163

3 monthly payments of $173

Wishing you health, happiness and prosperity,


PPS: Checkmate only costs $467. How much is it worth to you to double your CTR and improve your conversion rate? What is all that additional QUALIFIED traffic worth to you per month?

Howie Jacobson, PhD

Author, AdWords For Dummies

PS: Checkmate comes with a 99 day “Real AdWords World” guarantee! After trying it in the real AdWords world, if you don’t love it for any reason during the first 99 days, simply return the printed package, and I’ll give you a full refund (and you can keep the 7 Levels of Persuasion bonus)!

Click here to order now.

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