Want Checkmate Done For You By a Pro?

As a Checkmate customer, you get a preferred rate on my Checkmate “Done For You” Audit. How preferred? Keep reading.

I just want to detour for a minute, to encourage you to go through the program (it doesn’t take long) so you understand how to apply Checkmate, not just to the Google Search Results Page, but to every aspect of your marketing.

But once you’ve done that, if you feel like outsourcing the implementation to a marketing “Chess Master”, here’s the deal:

  • You give me a keyword phrase and a geographical region
  • Fill out the “Persona Tool” as completely as you can
  • I do the Checkmate Audit on that keyword and send you
    • Ad variations to test
    • A detailed competitive analysis of the Google search space
  • Turnaround time varies (check with my office for details), but generally is within 3-6 weeks

Fee: $1795 $1295 (get $500 off as a Checkmate customer!)

Additional keyword phrases can be added (now or later) for $1250 $750 each (get $500 off each additional keyword as a Checkmate customer!)

Reserve your Checkmate Audit today!

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Checkmate Done By a Pro
Checkmate Audit on your keyword
Ad Variations to test
Detailed competitive analysis of the Google search space
Discounts on additional Keywords (add to cart in next step.)
Payment Options



Q: Do I have to complete the Persona Tool? How long should it take me?

A: You don’t have to do anything. But the Persona Tool will ensure that we are differentiating strategically, based on the preferences and values and communication style of your market. If you know your market well, you should be able to complete the Persona Tool in under 30 minutes. If you’re a stranger to your market, you’ll probably need a couple of hours. But regardless of whether you engage me for a Checkmate Audit, this effort will be the most important thinking you can do to ensure business success.

Q: Do you offer a guarantee?

A: No, I don’t. I’m selling my time, which is not recoverable. This offer is only for people who know and trust me. If you have any doubt about my ability to produce value or about my integrity and work ethic, you should not engage me for a Checkmate Audit.

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