Some Testimonials from Howie’s Coaching and Consulting Clients

Here are a few testimonials from folks I’ve coached:

Dear Howie,

Here’s my update, as promised.

It is now about 3 ½ weeks since our consulting session.

As you know, my online marketing via Adwords was moving along… and doing reasonably well.

However, being the greedy guy I am, I wanted more. Much more.

So I decided to invest in an hour and one half of your time. I had heard rave reviews about the book you wrote about Adwords… and had also heard of your sterling reputation for treating clients like gold.

My return on investment from that hour and a half, to date, is 21 times what I spent with you.

Based on your advice, I am paying closer attention to the metrics you showed me, and here are some more detailed results you wanted me to follow.

Your advice slashed my Adwords spend by 24%, and increased my sales by at 34%. And the profits keep rolling in.

All I can say is…”THANK YOU HOWIE!”

You have my permission to use or paraphrase this testimonial in your advertising

Jeff Pierce
Los Angeles, California

Howie – I just wanted send a quick thank you for all you’ve done in regards to my AdWords campaigns.

As Google makes things tougher – you make it all easier. Your ‘tune-up’ last week has put my main keywords back into the profit zone – and now I can use that same strategy for all my other keywords.

Every time I hit a snag in my AdWords campaigns – you just know exactly what to do. There are two ways to use AdWords. One way has you lose money – the other way (your way) results in new customers and profits.

Thanks, Howie.

Joey Atlas
St. Johns, Florida

I met Howie at the System Seminar where I was a Speaker for the System club. Howie is a seasoned business strategist who is also a down-and-dirty, get-it-done coach…

When I met him, in fifteen minutes, he understood the core of my business so well he pinpointed my most valuable asset, and showed me exactly the business model that would suit me. I was floored.

In an hour, Howie identified my 5 hottest markets, he showed me over 20 techniques to reach them. He also pointed out the time-wasters I wasn’t seeing.

Howie intuitively understands the flow of money: how people sell and why they buy. He gets business, he gets marketing, and he gets people – it’s a rare combination.

Howie gave me a game plan, tailored to my strengths, that can double my income. My horizons are suddenly wide open.

If you’re professionally stuck, or if internet marketing isn’t bringing you the income it should, talk to Howie. I’m incredibly grateful for his coaching.

Howie, you’re awesome. Thank you!

Ann Convery
Los Angeles
“Speak Your Business in 30 Seconds”

On my summer to-do list, I wrote, ‘Google Adwords,’ with the goal of being up and running by the end of August. When I saw the announcement for your teleseminar, I signed up immediately. It was exactly what I needed! Your highly organized, research-based, and humorous teaching style was perfect for this subject. Thanks for providing a needed kick in the pants, and giving your listeners exactly what they need to get moving, fast. Can’t wait to read your book!

Marshall Miller,
Co-author, I Love Female Orgasm: An Extraordinary Orgasm Guide

I like this one a lot:

Hello Perry,

You don’t know me but I am currently enrolled in your course… I’ve been a sales pro for over thirty years and hell, I’ve done it all. I started in high school in 1965 selling Cutco cutlery and never looked back… was selling online in ’96, have been in mlm, network marketing, direct sales, in home sales and whatever else you can think of.

I was born and raised in NY, college in DC and my advanced studies in Vietnam.

I entered your course because I wanted to learn adwords, have spent money there and “goto” when it first came out.. had bought your adwords book a while back, liked how it sounded and so I signed up…

What I am going to tell you is that your description for the apple computer “elegance and simplicity” can also be applied to your partner in crime Howie Jacobson and two of his suggestions…

My first personal call with him had my “sales bs” antenna totally tuned in.or out as the case may be. But he made me realize that I was being dumb as a 10 lb box of rocks and doing what I’ve always done….doing what has always worked…doing it alone and sure I can make it happen.

Based on this, I reached out to the group I’m in and asked for suggestions for key phrases. I was having an “adwords block” Well Perry, I’ve never been a group person….and I wish I would have been years ago. His nudge and their input have immediately increased my number of orders by 25%. As I research and add other phrases they have suggested the number can only go up and up.

The next “elegant and simple” thought he had was to buy Jay Abraham’s book. I did, and started to devour it when it arrived. I only got to page 20…..and there I found a gem that has doubled my orders in the past two days. There I found out about “risk reversal” and it’s way to be used to generate orders.

I’m in the personalization business and virtually no one ever guarantees their product (of course they do against manufacturing defect) but not a 100% guarantee that you will like the personalized product. It is thought to be suicide.

I looked back at the number of returns I’ve ever gotten over the years and, they are under 1%.

So, I am now offering a 100% guarantee and I’m finding that my orders are increasing because I’ve taken the risk out of the order. I’ve absorbed the risk rather than laying it off on the customer.

My goal this year was to double my sales. With just those two suggestions I know that is no problem at all…….so now my goal is to “double that double.”

So Perry, give Howie a bigger piece of the pie, he’s earned it in my book :-)

Best regards


Perry Marshall wrote this about me on his website:

Howie Jacobson is the guy I hand picked to help me with a very demanding client a year and a half ago, and Howie has the skills and experience to diagnose Google campaigns, invent sales hooks, magnetize web pages, generate sales leads and build ongoing relationships with online customers. Howie has consulted in over a dozen markets and operates his consulting firm howieConnect.

You’d be interested to know that four of the five top coaching students from the first class got their coaching from Howie Jacobson, not me. Howie is a razor-sharp marketer with a tremendously resourceful mind and a wide grasp of marketing and advertising.

Perry Marshall

And here’s noted AdWords expert Sunny Hills’ opinion of my coaching:

Howie Jacobson is like an encyclopedia of marketing ideas – no matter what you come up with, he’s got more resources for you.

My good friend Danny Warshay recently described the impact I’ve had on several of his companies (he an entrepreneur’s entrepreneur, the guy you call in and give a piece of your company to just to align his energy, contacts, brilliance and consistency with your goals):

My name is Danny Warshay of DEW Ventures. I have a Harvard MBA and am a serial entrepreneur – I’ve had many of my own successful startups. I’ve known Howie Jacobson for over 20 years, have used Howie’s talents on many of my startups, and I can’t imagine launching anything new without engaging Howie in a deep and meaningful way.

Howie has this remarkable combination of piercing intelligence and amazing creativity to think expansively about a problem from all different directions.

In particular I though that I would plug his use of White Papers – which is really a misnomer considering how even irreverent and fun these White Papers are – and a technique to get people to download them and stay in touch with them in a way that’s very leveraged, for me and the other entrepreneurs I’ve exposed Howie’s technique to.

Howie writes these White Papers in a way that makes them engaging and even entertaining, to the point where I’ve downloaded some he’s written for other companies, just to see his humor and talents in action. And when I describe these White Papers to prospective customers or clients for my companies, I think they’re a little bit reticent to believe that they could actually be entertaining, and then when they actually do read them, they tell me 100% that I was right.

But the technique is that the White Papers serve as a phenomenal introduction to the service of product that may companies are selling, and by the time I have a face-to-face meeting or a discussion over the phone, the prospective customer is primed – knows all the basics about what we’re offering and our closing rate is miles ahead of where it might be without the White Papers…

Danny Warshay
Providence, RI

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