GCF LearnFree Testimonial

"The Adword campaigns EXPLODED into action"

Hi Howie,

Shane Keller here, from GCFLearnFree.org.  You gave me a free consultation a few months back.

I hope all is going well with you, your business(es) and family.

Things are going GREAT here at work with everything Adwords related.

So after I met with you I came back and we adjusted our campaign setting to target a worldwide market instead of just the US.

The Adword campaigns EXPLODED into action.

We started maxing out our budget by noon every day.

Now, finally I could start to see how each test and adjustment affected the results. 

I worked the system – outlined in your book – each and every day and saw immediate improvements week after week.

This led to a run of 7 consecutive record breaking weeks of stats for our website, the adoption of Google Analytics to track our conversion rate and we now are gearing up to make major website structure adjustments in order to add and optimize each landing page in order to continue improving our conversion rate.


Week of April 28th – May 4th
Clicks = 3935
Imp = 101,625
CTR = 3.42

Met with you on May 8th

Went worldwide on May 9th

Week of June 16th – June 22nd
Clicks = 7177
Imp = 80,639
CTR = 8.93 (161% increase!)

We added Analytics week of July 7th – July 13th

(**Now it was all about the conversions**)

We now have a conversion rate of 15.42% on our Adwords campaign.

We are averaging around 6,600 new unique signups each week and we’re now heading into what’s typically the busiest period for us.

Here is a screen shot of our website signup growth. 

Here’s what it did for our Spanish side of things!


To say the least its been an incredible learning process for me and our meeting really helped me see the bigger picture goals as well as confirm that I was trying the right things.  Now the data has backed everything up as well which has given us incredible confidence moving forward.

We now are trying to take everything we are learning from Adwords and utilize it in order for us to increase our organic search positions.

Once again I thank you; we thank you for giving up your time to help us achieve success with Adwords.

Shane Keller

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