Stop Feeling Like an AdWords Dummy…

Google AdWords is one of the coolest inventions of the 21st century, right up there with wearable jetpacks and wardrobe malfunctions.

AdWords has changed the rules of business, for online marketers, big corporations, and local stores. Most consumers search online before they buy, looking for information and great deals.

If they don’t find you on first page of search results, you’re as invisible as a dust mite in a hockey stick factory.

EdWards For Dummies?

The bad news? Getting your website listed on the first page of Google search results is a long, hard, competitive process.

The good news? With AdWords, you can buy your way into Google. And most of your competitors either haven’t even heard of AdWords (I tell people the name of my book, and they go, "Edwards For Dummies? John Edwards?") or they’re making dozens of mistakes and paying the Google Clueless Tax big-time.

If your prospects are using the the web, you need to learn how to play AdWords like Sam plays "As Time Goes By" in Casablanca.

You must remember this: Where else can you show your ad to the right prospects anywhere in the world, exactly when they’re hungriest for what you’ve got, and not even pay for the privilege until they visit your website or buy your product?

But – the AdWords learning curve is real, and it can be frustrating, and it can drain your wallet faster than a Disneyland Gift Shop.

AdWords For Dummies

I wrote AdWords For Dummies so everyone can profit from the AdWords revolution. If you’re serious about making money online, you need this book. I’m sorry to be so blunt about it, because I’m a soft-spoken and humble guy, but I’m not doing you any favors by pulling punches. is the companion site for the book. Once you’ve bought the book and gotten your "Gold Key" pass to this site, you’ll find

  • articles with actual screenshots (I got very good at screenshots while writing the book)
  • video demonstrations of how to work with AdWords and other tools
  • links to some of my best AdWords friends, colleagues, and teachers
  • links to great deals on tools that will save you time, money, and the need for therapy
If you already have a copy of AdWords For Dummies, you can access the Readers-Only Resources by registering for "Gold Key" access.

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AdWords For Dummies – for businesses ready to start turning clicks into clink!

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