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Yes, you get the bonus report, Why Most AdWords Campaigns Fail – and How to Make Yours Succeed. It’s concise and useful, and if you’ve been struggling to make money with AdWords, it’s likely to turn that around pretty quickly.

But we both know the purpose of the bonus is to get you onto my house list, so I can stay in touch and build a relationship with you over time. So this page will help you answer the question, "Do I want to get email from this dude?"

Benefits of Reading the Breakthrough Online Profits (BOP) Newsletter

The BOP Newsletter is different from most Internet marketing newsletters. I’ve unsubscribed from so many of them, I have  a long list of things that drive me crazy. None of that stuff finds its way into the BOP newsletter. Instead, you get:

1. AdWords and Internet Marketing updates

New rules, new tools, new features, new techniques.

2. Marketing Tactics, Strategies and Philosophies

AdWords is just the tip of the marketing iceberg. What you learn there can and should inform every aspect of your marketing.

3. Business and Life Philosophy

I make no apology for having points of view. I don’t expect you to agree with them. Heck, I don’t always agree with them. But I harbor a secret desire to win the Nobel Peace Prize for Marketing (that exists, doesn’t it?).

And ultimately, we’re all in business to live a good life, to contribute, and to have the freedom and influence to dream a better world for ourselves and others. So I like to keep reminding myself (and you) of that big picture.

Plus, don’t forget the awesome bribe BONUS that comes with your subscription: The AdWords ER Report: Why Most AdWords Campaigns Fail – and How to Make Yours Succeed.

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