Howie Coaching Testimonials

Here are a few testimonials from folks I've coached:

Howie has been THE reason that I have grown so fast professionally and personally over the last two years.

His coaching and guidance (and humor) has been THE critical element that has allowed me to BREAKTHROUGH so many barriers that I didn't even know I had.

Now I am making more money then I had hoped for, working in an industry that I had only dreamed of being a part of, focusing on future goals that would have made me laugh with skepticism only a few years ago.

Shane Keller
Raleigh NC


Howie is an outstanding coach and mentor: for moving forward – Any idea you could possibly conceive – for Internet Marketing.

Howie’s intuitive grasp of understanding your products & services in relationship to your audience – is simultaneous with ‘seeing’ exactly how to present your product & services to your audience – in a way that is compelling enough to increase your  sales. But he doesn’t give you gimmicks. He actually shows you how to connect with your prospect, in a way that creates a relationship, to make the sale. He teaches you how to communicate in a way that is not only efficient for your prospect, but meets their needs.

 His insights and feedback are immediate, brilliant & like none other. I am currently executing an idea I received from Howie’s Coaching, that I am certain is my retirement fund plan. Once he looked at my skill set and what my goals were… He very quickly cognized a brilliant way I could execute my dreams, into a very lucrative on line business. Being new to Internet Marketing, I was able to learn the technical details I needed, through monthly coaching sessions.

If you are feeling somewhat stuck in achieving your Internet Marketing goals… Howie can definitely get you moving forward in a very lucrative direction. I highly recommend that you don’t miss an opportunity to work with Howie to move your business forward!

Gabriella Donivan


I met Howie at the System Seminar where I was a Speaker for the System club. Howie is a seasoned business strategist who is also a down-and-dirty, get-it-done coach…

When I met him, in fifteen minutes, he understood the core of my business so well he pinpointed my most valuable asset, and showed me exactly the business model that would suit me. I was floored.
In an hour, Howie identified my 5 hottest markets, he showed me over 20 techniques to reach them.  He also pointed out the time-wasters I wasn't seeing. 
Howie intuitively understands the flow of money: how people sell and why they buy.  He gets business, he gets marketing, and he gets people – it's a rare combination.
Howie gave me a game plan, tailored to my strengths, that can double my income.  My horizons are suddenly wide open. 
If you're professionally stuck, or if internet marketing isn't bringing you the income it should, talk to Howie.  I'm incredibly grateful for his coaching.
Howie, you're awesome. Thank you!
Ann Convery
Los Angeles
"Speak Your Business in 30 Seconds"


I like this one a lot:

Howie made me realize that I was being dumb as a 10 lb box of rocks and doing what I've always done….doing what has always worked…doing it alone and sure I can make it happen.

Based on this,  I reached out to the group I'm in and asked for suggestions for key phrases. I was having an "adwords block." I've never been a group person and I wish I would have been years ago.  Howie's nudge and their input have immediately increased my number of orders by 25%. As I research and add other phrases they have suggested the number can only go up and up.

The next "elegant and simple" thought he had was to buy Jay Abraham's book.  I did, and started to devour it when it arrived.  I only got to page 20 and there I found a gem that has doubled my orders in the past two days. There I found out about "risk reversal" and it's way to be used to generate orders.

I'm in the personalization business and virtually no one ever guarantees their product (of course they do against manufacturing defect)  but not a 100% guarantee that you will like the personalized product. It is thought to be suicide.

I looked back at the number of returns I've ever gotten over the years and, they are under 1%.
So, I am now offering a 100% guarantee and I'm finding that my orders are increasing because I've taken the risk out of the order. I've absorbed the risk rather than laying it off on the customer.

My goal this year was to double my sales. With just those two suggestions I know that is no problem at all… So now my goal is to "double that double."
John Lercari

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Perry Marshall wrote this about me when I was coaching in his "Bobsled Run" program:

You'd be interested to know that four of the five top coaching students from the first class got their coaching from Howard Jacobson, not me. Howard is a razor-sharp marketer with a tremendously resourceful mind and a wide grasp of marketing and advertising.

And here's noted AdWords expert Sunny Hills' opinion of my coaching:

Howard Jacobson is like an encyclopedia of marketing ideas – no matter what you come up with, he's got more resources for you.

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My good friend Danny Warshay recently described the impact I've had on several of his companies (he an entrepreneur's entrepreneur, the guy you call in and give a piece of your company to just to align his energy, contacts, brilliance and consistency with your goals):

Danny Warshay
Providence, RI

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