Download the PDF of the Jam Session (and maybe add a few bucks to the efforts :)

Here’s the PDF transcript of the Jam Session:

Jam Session Transcript PDF (42 pages, 554K)

Wait! Before you go, please listen to a short (4 minute) conversation I had with Mike Ellis, project director for Love Knows No Bounds, about the surprising extra importance of the money we’ve raised so far:

Here’s the latest (4/10 9am EST) fundraising update:

241 donors have raised a total of $17,625. We’re still $7,375 shy of our goal for the volunteers of Love Knows No Bounds and St. John #5 Faith Church.

I know that several glitches in our online donation processing system have cost us at least $5000. (We made the decision to go with the National Heritage Foundation for the money stuff because I wasn’t sure how many people would trust me to  forward the money to the non-profits. So the trade-off for total transparency is a kind of sucky system. *Sigh*)

If you’re so moved, by the value of the live call, the mp3, the PDF transcript, the extra bonuses (for example, Dan’s 24-page report on how to dominate the local search listings), or by a strong desire to spend a day in a small-group intensive workshop with me and Ken in New Orleans on Wednesday, April 16 (following by an optional extra day of site-seeing and touring the project sites), please consider upping your donation.

Go here to help out even more

What if you have more marketing skill than extra money?

The call was so deep, on so many levels, that it would be awesome to keep spreading the Jam Session around the internet. Imagine if 100,000 more people pitched in $25 each just for the mp3!

If you have the urge to Digg the sales letter (, or upload a short video review to YouTube, or upload a short presentation of what you learned to, or upload your notes to, or any of the other cool Web 2.0 ways you know of to get to the top of Google (hey, don’t ask me, I’m just an AdWords guy).

Or, if you have a list of Internet Marketing junkies, please email them about the Jam Session and ask them to contribute $25 in exchange for access to two of the smartest, most genuine, non-pitchy hours of marketing education that they’re likely to find anywhere.



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