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From Howie Jacobson, PhD, acclaimed author of AdWords For Dummies and secret weapon of some of the biggest names in Internet marketing…

“Now You Can Create the Breakthrough Profits You Deserve with the Most Cutting Edge Strategies For Growing Your Business Online…”

“You’re About to Discover How to Stay Ahead of the Constant Changes in Online Marketing that Lead to Frustration, Confusion, & Disappointing Results When Growing Your Business Online…”

Dear Friend,

If you’ve been around the Online Marketing world for six months or more, then you already know how fast things can change. Do you remember when “podcasting” was the next big thing, and that if you weren’t podcasting you’d be out of business… or so they said?

On the other hand…

There have been many changes that have sent much of the Internet Marketing world into a tailspin of confusion and panic: such as the recurring “Google Slaps,” the rise of social media and bookmarking, and heck, the current state of the economy.

So what’s an Online Marketer to do?

Realize this: not everybody panics.

Some people are prepared well in advance, and see each change as an opportunity to rise farther above the clueless crowd. And some people get surprised, but not for long – because they know where to turn for guidance and advice in navigating these changes. So they are able to adjust and come out ahead.

Reading a book – even a good one like AdWords For Dummies ;) – is one thing. Getting customized advice and timely support from the author – as the Online Marketing world changes – is a whole ‘nother thing.

This letter is for you if:

You’ve ever had the urge, while reading AdWords For Dummies or working on your AdWords campaigns or website, to just pick up the phone and say, “Howie, Joel, Kristie, get in here. I have some questions for you.”

You’ve ever wondered, “Am I doing this the right way?”

You’ve ever thought, “OK, I kind of get this, but how do I apply it to my business?”

You’ve ever logged in to your AdWords account and said to yourself, “What the heck is this? Did they just change everything while I was sleeping?”

You’ve ever asked yourself, “What would a successful online marketer do in this situation?”

You’ve ever looked at your bank balance and wondered, “How can I get all this expensive AdWords traffic to turn into paying customers?”

Have you ever wondered:

  • How can I pay less for my keywords?
  • How do I compete with deep pocket competitors?
  • How do I get people to click my ads?
  • How do I convince visitors to buy?
  • Should I be paying attention to mobile advertising?
  • How many keywords should I have in an ad group?
  • How do I test without going broke?
  • How do I improve my quality scores? Can I just chuck my AdWords account and start over with a new one? (The surprising answer: No.)
  • What keyword research tools do I need? What’s the quickest way to do all that research?
  • How do I choose a profitable niche?
  • How much should I budget for AdWords?
  • What kind of landing page will work best?
  • How can I tell what’s working and what isn’t?
  • How do I choose a product to sell online?
  • Why am I not getting any impressions for my high-volume keywords?
  • Should I have one big website or lots of little ones?
  • How do I advertise a new product – that people aren’t searching for because they don’t know it exists?
  • Where in the world do I start?

Introducing the Vitruvian Way Café

Starting today, you can become a member of an exclusive AdWords/Online Marketing coaching club, made up of Google AdWords For Dummies readers who want direct access to the authors for answers to your most pressing questions.

The Vitruvian Way Café is a rebranding of Howie’s original support network, the Ring of Fire. Click the play button above to hear one member’s experience in the Ring of Fire.

The Vitruvian Way Café Membership

The Café is for online marketers who don’t want to have to go it alone. Who don’t want the Next Big Thing to be a lava flow that obliterates their business. Who understand the value of early warning. Who get that the Chinese words for “crisis” and “opportunity” are the same word. Who get that the Yiddish words for “mySQL database” and “dromedary” are completely different – but I digress.

The Café is a place where advanced marketers and beginners can co-exist – and benefit each other! The “old pros” have a lot of teach us; and the “newbies” come to the table with fresh eyes, new insights, and piercing questions – because they don’t know all the “accepted wisdom” yet.

The Café is for anyone who wants to achieve Breakthrough Online Profits in 2012. You may be making good money online already, and want to grow your business faster without sacrificing profits. Or you may be just starting out, wondering how to put one foot in front of the other and take baby steps toward online profitability without getting run over by a huge Google bill. Either way, you’ll have access to my customized advice and timely support to help you get there.

Here are the 3 Big Benefits of the Café

1. You ask questions on the forum. We answer them.

Our private consulting clients pay us a lot of money for this service. Our minimum hourly consulting rate is $500 per hour. You can have direct access to us for a fraction of the price.

2. You get the inside scoop on updates, changes and new opportunities in AdWords and Online Marketing.

Every month we interview an expert practitioner on something you need to know about. You get that interview online right away – downloadable audio and transcript.

3. You become a masterful AdWords operator by participating in a rich learning environment.

You have access to the wealth of material we’re creating all the time: video tutorials, step-by-step screen-shot tutorials, articles, worksheets.

But just as important – you get to answer questions asked by other members of the Café. It’s a funny thing – but when I look at someone else’s website, I notice things that I never see about my own.

Giving feedback to others is the single best way to learn. You learn by giving the feedback – most of which you can profitably apply to your own situation! The recipient of the feedback benefits from your fresh eyes and wisdom and experience.

Listen to some folks talk about what the old Ring of Fire has meant for them:

Join the Café Today

When you join the Café, here’s what you get:

Jam Sessions: Expert Interview of the Month

Each Jam Session features a freewheeling “how-to” interview with an online marketing expert who’s at the cutting edge of the business.

For example:

Kristie McDonald spills the beans about what Google AdWords executives shared about upgrading your Quality Score

Bryan Montpetit shares the fastest, safest and least expensive way to double your prospect base – with multilingual AdWords and SEO (Bryan share how most companies go about it, AND how to do it right)

Dan Hollings on the AdWords secrets of the movie “The Secret” (Dan’s the man who ran their entire online marketing campaign)

Glenn Livingston on Simple Surveys that make you unbeatable in your niche

Ben Hunt on the art of simple and effective Web 2.0 design on a shoestring budget

Try the Café for 49 days for free – no credit card required!

Fresh Cups

Fresh Cups are updates that let you know about new opportunities and threats in Internet Marketing, and show you how to profit from them.

For example:

Updates to Google’s AdWords algorithms and programs – what to do to stay at the top of the heap and keep your click prices low

Reviews of the latest and greatest tools – which are worth the money, which are duplicates and inferior knock-offs, and which will get you booted off AdWords faster than a pocket-protector salesman at a nudist Civil War reenactment (try and get that image out of your head!)

Resource Center – exclusive videos, articles and step-by-step screen-shot tutorials that allow you to skip the technical “How-do-I-do-this-freaking-thing?” mumbo-jumbo and focus on the marketing (the part that makes you money :)

Try the Café for 49 days for free – no credit card required!

The Back Porch

The back porch is the safe, peaceful place where friends and neighbors gather after a hard day in the big world. In the Café, the Back Porch is the forum and message board where you can connect with the Vitruvian team members and other regulars.

Get answers to your questions about AdWords, online marketing and overall business strategy – from me and from other members

Share feedback with other members – and read my feedback about your feedback – to continually grow as an Online Marketer

Network and share “real-world” experiences with other members; form mastermind groups and find new friends who actually understand what you do

Try the Café for 49 days for free – no credit card required!

“Office Hours” Coaching Webinar Each Month

Live coaching – show up on the webinar, ask your questions, and get coached

 Real-time AdWords account audits – for folks who don’t mind letting us peak under the hood in a semi-public space, we show you exactly how we fix underperforming AdWords accounts.

 Chess Club meetings – that apply Howie’s Checkmate Metholodogy to ads, landing pages and websites

Ready to try the Café free for 49 days – no credit card involved?

Click here to get started. After the 49 day free trial, you can register as an ongoing Café member for just $23 a month. No contracts, no obligations.

I look forward to greeting you in the Café.


Howie Jacobson, PhD Author, Google AdWords For Dummies

P.S. You didn’t think I’d forget the PS, did you?

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