Ken McCarthy’s Positioning/Copywriting Tips

On page 95 of AdWords For Dummies, I promise some of Ken McCarthy’s info – free – about positioning and sales copy. The web page that I pointed to has changed slightly, and some readers have written to me, confused.

Here’s the deal: the web page now includes a sales letter for Ken’s excellent copywriting/positioning seminar on DVD. But near the top of the letter is an opt-in form for some free material. That’s the stuff I refer to in the book. Sign up for it and you’ll learn positioning from one of the masters.

Of course, Ken runs a business, so he’s interested in selling you on his course. And there’s the rub that observant readers will notice: the sales letter itself is a marketing education, if you study it rather than just read it.

It’s not even written by Ken, but by one of his copywriting students. As you read it, notice two things:

1. The use of teaser text to arouse curiosity ("What FTC regulation? What’s the secret that Ken alone among copywriters knows, that allowed his cousin to meet the Queen of England?")

2. The positioning that comes from Ken’s student, rather than Ken, writing the letter. (Think about this for a while – it’s subtle but extremely powerful.)

So without further ado, here’s Ken’s Positioning/Copywriting Tips Opt-in and Sales Letter Page.

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