Leads into Gold Bonuses

Bonus #1: Email tips and resources (ongoing)
Bonus #2: The Goal-Getter Action Planning Template
Bonus #3: Claude Hopkins’ Scientific Advertising

Unadvertised Bonuses
Here are some unadvertised bonuses to print out and add to Unfair Head Start Swipe File.

Documents #1 and #3 below are actual marketing documents done by my clients, and made available with their

You’ll be getting more of these via email in the next few months – I don’t want to overwhelm you with material right now.  If you don’t understand what they are or how you can model them in your own business, don’t worry. By the time you’ve gone through the Leads into Gold system, the documents below and others like it will be worth many thousands of dollars to you.

Unadvertised Bonus #1: An example of a lead generation magnet for College Bound for Success. See how to use interviews to create powerful marketing pieces.

Unadvertised Bonus #2: One of my lead generation magnets for my consulting services:The Nine Deadly Mistakes Small Business Owners Make When Buying Marketing Help. The format here is easy for anyone to follow. Think about how you would warn a friend not to get suckered by one of your unscrupulous or incompetent competitors, make a list, and write a paragraph or two about each one.

Unadvertised Bonus #3: A lead generation magnet White Paper one of my clients created for retailers and restaurant owners:How to Alienate, Frustrate, or Scare Your Customers with Ill-Timed Communications.

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