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Landing Page Clinic Videos

Module One

Part 1: Safety and Interest (22:56)

Part 2: Landing Page Design (48:26)

Part 3: The First Words (34:25)


Module Two

Desire (1:20:59)


Module Three

Action (1:56:42)


New unadvertised bonus: Landing Page Swipe File

As I come across web pages that do a good job of implementing strategies and tactics from the Landing Page Clinic, I'll share them here.

And if you can handle the lower quality video, here's a link to the original live Session 1 Webinar (opens in a new window).

Session 1 Handout

Bonus Video: How to set up a simple A/B landing page split test using Google Website Optimizer

Session 2 Handout

Session 3 Handout


Tim Ash interview (mp3)

Ben Jesson interview (mp3)
Ben Jesson notes (PDF)

Sean D'Souza interview (mp3)

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