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Date of Screen Capture: September 8, 2010

Overview: This site pulls off a rare trick, using the flash header effectively. The reason? They focus it exclusively on real reason to believe.

(Click the viddler full screen button button at the bottom right of the video player to see the 35-second screen capture in full-screen mode.)

The first screen shows the happy ending of a client case study ($300k, salary bump, more vacation, relocation package).

Next, the graphic shifts to a lineup of high profile client logos (logos are better than names, as they convey instant recognition in one glance, as opposing to reading, which involves chunking lines and squiggles into letters, letters into words, words into phrases, and phrases into meaning).

Then another case study, of a CEO who reached the million-dollar mark as he jumped from telecom to software. At this point, you already have the feeling that these folks have access to and expertise in navigating the seas that you haven't navigated. They are the captain of the ship bound for adventure and fortune, and you're the young adventurer looking for a lift and an ally.

The third case study features an independent consultant going from $150k to $300k per year by taking a senior level position.

The call to action remains static, just below and jutting into the header: "Currently earning of $200k? Click to Start." That both attracts and disqualifies, and by disqualifying those making less than $200k, attracts the very clients they're looking for.

The body text focuses on the dramatic difference: "We are not recruiters (We can actually help you)" says the center headline.

The left paragraph focuses on the real reason to believe the benefits by explaining the dramatic difference in detail. Who they are, how they work.

The trust logos at the bottom right also contribute to the overall feeling of competence, safety and professionalism.

Room for Improvement: The last news item on the page is seven months old. If you aren't going to update your site regularly, at least remove the dates so there's no obvious evidence of staleness or neglect.

The left paragraph is too long, should be broken up, either into three shorter paragraphs or bullet points.

And the header flash should turn itself off after it cycles two or three times, so the reader can concentrate on the rest of the page and navigate to a call to action.

Your Turn: If you were to create a flash header focused entirely on real reason to believe, what would you put there? Draw out, freehand, two case studies, with the basic outline of the client and the key results.

Next, write a single sentence that highlights your dramatic difference by distinguishing your business from your competition.

Finally, write a series of 3-5 bullet points that provide the real reason to believe your dramatic difference.

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