AdWords For Dummies signing in Durham NC

"How to Get Your Business on the First Page of Google – Instantly"

Internationally recognized marketing guru and author Howie Jacobson shares his top 3 strategies in Durham, NC on January 24, 2008

When marketing expert and author Howie Jacobson started teaching his consulting clients how to get listed on Google in 2004, they faced virtually no competition. “We were dominating our markets using rudimentary strategies, based on the law of supply and demand. Millions of customers were searching, but few advertisers knew the secret short-cut to a first-page listing.”

Times have changed. Last year Google earned over $10 billion from advertisers who have discovered the secret: a paid inclusion program called AdWords. With all this competition, you might think the “golden age” of internet advertising is over. But Jacobson is convinced that smart advertisers can still climb to the top of the Google mountain, regardless of the size or budget or fame of the competition.

“Most advertisers don’t get that the Web is a direct marketing medium. The old-fashion methods of billboard and TV advertising simply don’t apply. On the Web, the users are in total control. Either give them exactly what they want instantly, or you’ll never see them again,” Jacobson explains. “And you certainly won’t sell them anything.”

Jacobson knows what he’s talking about: he’s the author of a hot new book, AdWords For Dummies, published by Wiley, Inc. He’s personally consulted with over 350 businesses on profiting from AdWords – from one-person startups to well-known multinational corporations.

While there are dozens of AdWords tricks and techniques that can turn a lackluster AdWords account into a profit machine, Jacobson has identified three key strategies that separate the AdWords winners from also-rans:

  • TRI (Targeted-Relevant-Instant) Marketing Messages
  • KLT (Know-Like-Trust) Followup
  • EBT (Even Better Tomorrow) Testing and Improvement

Jacobson will be presenting these strategies at his only scheduled 2008 public appearance in North Carolina, a book signing at the Regulator Bookshop at 720 9th Street, Durham at 7pm on January 24. He’ll share examples and case studies, answer questions, and sign copies of AdWords For Dummies. Each book includes a $25 AdWords gift card and access to a $97/year members-only Web site devoted to AdWords success.

To encourage people to show up and support the Regulator, Jacobson will be raffling off several of his products and services: CDs, home study courses, software, and a 30-minute private AdWords X-Ray worth $250.

For more information about the book signing, contact the Regulator at 919-286-2700. To learn more about AdWords For Dummies and to read free chapter excerpts, visit

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