Two unexpected bonuses! (And a chance to contribute some more…)

The Jam Session call was unbelievable. If you were on the call last night, you know how much over the top value was delivered by Ken, Perry, David and Dan as they chewed on big topics, learned from each other, and talked about their perpectives on the current state of Internet marketing. Many people have emailed me to thank me for the call. Typical comments:

"These guys are so REAL. They don’t just pitch stuff, they actually DO stuff!"

"Great content. With humor, too."

"Exactly what I needed to hear."

And not only did they overdeliver on content, with zero pitching, but we have two additional bonuses to share with you. And we’re hoping that you’ll accept them as incentives to reciprocate the great value that you’ve received, by returning to the Donations page and making an additional contribution. You can simply add another $25, $50, $100, or $250 to the helping pot (by scrolling to the bottom of the donation page), or you can take advantage of Ken’s once-in-a-lifetime offer of a free copy of his $795 copywriting course as a bonus for signing up for the System Intensive in New Orleans on April 16 and 17.

So grab the two bonuses here, and then please return to this page, click on the link at the bottom, and keep the value flowing to the folks of New Orleans!

Unexpected Bonus #1: Dan Hollings 24-page report on Local Search strategies

Dan’s presentation on the Jam Session blew us all away. Ken remarked, "Well, I would have paid a couple of hundred of dollars for that information right there." (And he has very high standards.) When Ken encouraged everyone to contribute a little more (or a lot more) to the cause in New Orleans, to help put us over the top for the $25k we’re raising, Dan was moved to offer his report as a bonus for anyone who made an additional pledge.

I’ve seen this report. It’s gorgeous. It’s informative. And, since Dan has nothing to sell, it’s not selling anything. Just sharing some of the sharpest advice about how to dominate a local market that you’re ever likely to see. My prediction: Dan will turn this into a product that will sell for at least $250 within a couple of months.

Unexpected Bonus #2: Jennifer Nicolaisen’s copious notes on the call

Jennifer liked the call so much she took 8 pages of notes. She responded to Ken’s request by doubling her contribution, but felt like she wanted to do even more. So she emailed me her notes and asked if there was any way we could use them that would be helpful. If you didn’t sign up for the professional transcript (and even if you did), these notes will be a handy reference guide to the concepts, advice and resources that we threw around on the call.

Here’s an important point: Jen’s business,, is in startup mode, and money is tight. Yet she dug deep and came up with another $25, which she felt was small, even though it was all she could do. But to the folks in New Orleans, $25 means another wall of sheetrock up over the framing. That much closer to a return to a beloved home. Believe me, when a bunch of neighbors and volunteers devote a week to a big project, every dollar that funds it does triple duty, at least. Your additional $25 makes a major impact here!

Thanks, Jen!!   Which leads me to the main point of this page:

One more chance to help out…

We’re making these extra bonuses available with no (enforceable) strings attached. You can simply download them, close this window, and be on your way. But we’re hoping you don’t do that…

Last night into this morning, the server for our donation processing provider crashed, and a bunch of people were unable to make their donations. Obviously, we lost a fair amount of money due to that unfortunately timed glitch. We’re hoping you can help us make it up, and more…

If you didn’t listen to the end of the call, you missed Dan’s offer, and Ken’s impassioned plea for help for New Orleans. Listen here to the last few minutes of the call, and when you’re done, please be as generous as you can.

 Won’t  you please visit the Donation Page and make an additional pledge.

Or come join me and Ken for an incredible two days in New Orleans, honing your positioning, improving your copy, testing your marketing, and enjoying one of the most vibrant and courageous cities on the planet, led by an impassioned advocate and guide.

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