AdWords Mastery for PR Pros – Free Webinar

How can AdWords support your PR efforts? How can you tell if it’s working or not? Why even bother?

If you’re a PR professional, in charge of getting the good word about your company out to the world, you ignore AdWords at your peril. You can Twitter, blog, and distribute press releases all you want, but Google is still the place most people go for imformation about topics they’re not familiar with. If you can’t control your message on Google with lightning speed, you can bet your competitors will do it for you!

But AdWords is such a powerful tool – you can pay to appear on the first page of Google on just about any search term within 15 minutes – that most people never figure out the "DNA" of the medium. They use it technically, but not strategically.

Did you know that AdWords is:

The cheapest, easiest way to test and improve your message?

A process to refine your web site so your visitors get engaged and take action, rather than getting bored and drifting away?

A tool to help you define and measure real business outcomes, rather than nebulous and ill-defined PR exposure goals?

A powerful X-Ray into the mind of your market – so you say the right thing to the right people at the right time?

A lightning-fast response mechanism – when things go wrong, or right – for getting your side of the story out to the public and journalists?

If you attended my AdWords presentation at Media Relations Summit 2009 and want more, or if you missed it and want the benefit of a quick, convenient and easy introduction to Winning the AdWords Game, I have just the thing for you:

If you’d like a "crash course" on how to do AdWords right – created specifically for the PR community – then you’re invited to join me for a free 52-minute webinar on Monday, June 15, 2009, at noon EDT. I’ll be presenting for about 37 minutes, and answering questions for the rest. If you can’t make it live, register anyway and I’ll let you know when the replay is up on the web.

Interested? Register here:

Questions? Email: support AT askhowie DOT com.

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